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Where you can see Humpback Whales on Fraser Island?

Humpback Whales on Fraser Island

The magical creature of the Humpback whale is an unforgettable sight up close and personal. With the stunning Fraser Island listed as one of the top travel spots to see these spectacular whales in person. Spot them from the island’s coastal lookout as the whale’s leap from the ocean and splash their huge pectoral fins on the ocean top.

About Humpback Whales

The name ‘humpback’ comes from the large hump that forms when the whales arch their backs before making the deep dive into the ocean. They are enormous beings, around about the same size as a bus. Ranging in colour from either black or grey, with white speckles on their undersides and flippers. They are famous for their hauntingly beautiful songs, filled with long howls, moans, and cries, that can last up to hours. The songs travel huge distances through the world’s ocean water, reaching other herds of whales that are up to 5000km away. It is still a bit of a mystery of why these whales sing, with researchers guessing it is due to attracting partners and setting territorial markers.


Humpback whales are seasoned travellers, migrating between summer and winter locations. During summer, the whales travel up to high latitudes to the feeding grounds. Their way of feeding is a completely unique style called bubble-netting. Releasing large rings of bubbles from the bottom of the ocean which capture schools of fish as the bubbles rise. The whales then surface slowly with their mouths open to capture the fish contained in the rings.

For wintertime, they travel to low latitude sub-tropic waters for mating and calving. These whales have quite a complex courtship. Males will first surround one single female, competition against each other to get closest to her until one is victorious. Females only breed every two to four years, carrying each calf for about 12 months. The calves are born in these warmer waters, and once they are strong enough, trek with their mother to the colder waters for feeding.

Whale Watching

The Humpbacks have a particular route they always travel on during their journey to and from the cold and warm waters. Fraser Island lies just along this route, giving you a perfect viewpoint as the whales pass through. They usually dawdle during the trek, giving you a chance to see them frolic these waters for quite some time. Simply head to Fraser’s coast, (not before stopping to visit the ancient rainforest) and stop at the pristine beaches to look out and see the incredible Humpback Whales. If you are straining your eyes why not join on one of the cruises that get you a bit closer?

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Why You Should Visit Fraser Island

Fraser Island Tours

As the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is home to some spectacular landscapes and an incredible range of views that are both surreal and incredibly beautiful. A Fraser Island tour will take you to all the best spots, but if you need a push in the right direction, here’s why you should definitely visit.

1. Drive a 4WD

Exploring Fraser Island by 4WD is one of the best ways to see everything it has to offer. Because it is predominantly made up of sand, there are numerous sand dunes to ride over which provide a good old adrenalin rush. The island itself is renowned for its sprawling pristine beaches, its ancient rainforests, and lakes, and all of these can easily be discovered with the help of a 4WD.

2. Enjoy the Natural Ocean Jacuzzi

Fancy something a little more laidback? The island’s Champagne Pools are the place to go. These rock pools are formed by sea water crashing against a series of pocked rocks, making the perfect place for a quick dip.

3. Explore Crystal Clear Lakes

Perhaps the biggest draw of Fraser Island is its collection of impossibly clear lakes. Lake McKenzie, the most popular, is a perched lake set at the top of a sand dune — kind of like an oasis. The sand at the lake is made of pure white silica, providing health benefits for the skin and body, while the fresh water means there is no marine life here.

Elsewhere, Eli Creek provides a backdrop of incredible beauty. This is the largest freshwater creek on the east of Fraser Island, and it boasts impossibly blue and green waters that are ideal for swimming in. The flanking plant life almost gives it a tropical jungle feel, while the white sands are perfect for kicking back and relaxing on after a dip.

4. Spot the Wildlife

As well as lakes and natural water spots, Fraser Island is also renowned for its eclectic selection of wildlife. In fact, it is famed for its pack of dingoes that roam the island. In the cooler months, keep your eyes peeled for migrating humpback whales and a dolphin or two, as well. In total, there are over 350 different bird species, 50 mammals, and 80 reptiles that call the sands, rainforests and waters of Fraser Island home.

Fraser Island has so much to offer visitors, whether you’re looking for some fast-paced adventures or simply want to check out some of Australia’s mesmerising wildlife.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Things to Do in Mt Buller

Mt Buller Day Trip from Melbourne

Mount Buller is one of Victoria’s most spectacular winter destinations. Its snowy peaks promise a selection of different ski slopes, pretty villages, and a whole host of fun ways to pass the time. Set in the middle of the stunning Shire of Mansfield, the alpine region really comes to life during the winter months, offering visitors lots of skiing experiences and other adventures to do on a Mount Buller tour.

Here’s how to enjoy your time there.

1. Eat Good Food

Mount Buller may well be a mountain set in the countryside of Victoria, but it still boasts a hearty collection of restaurants that serve every cuisine from doorstop burgers to local Australian fare and Asian delights. Many of the restaurants also boast incredible views across the mountainous landscape so you can enjoy the sights while tucking into your food.

2. Learn About the Local History

Despite its reputation as a winter destination, Mount Buller also has a rich heritage that dates back many years. There are plenty of tours you can take while in the area to learn about its past.

3. Find the Art (and the Gnomes)

As you’re exploring the region, keep your eyes peeled for the smattering of sculptures that are dotted around the mountain. Perhaps one of the quirkier aspects of Mount Buller is the collection of gnomes that are tucked away around the area looking out over the surrounding scenery. They provide a trail for visitors to follow that lead to a Gnome Home that’s set inside an impressive Mountain Ash tree.

4. Ski and Snowboard

In the winter months, visitors flock to Mount Buller for its selection of snow-based adventures. There is a range of different level slopes, from gentle and easy to an adrenalin-pumping black diamond chute. This is a great way to explore the mountain from a unique and fun perspective.

5. Snowshoeing

For something a little more relaxed than skiing or snowboarding, try snowshoeing. This unique way to get around provides a magical and laidback way to learn more about the landscape and its fascinating history.

6. Watch a Film

Going to the cinema halfway up a mountain might seem like an odd choice of activity, but Mount Buller is in fact home to Australia’s highest cinema. So when you’re all snowed out, why not warm up and check out a film?

Mount Buller really is a magical place to explore. And, with so much to see and do, there’s a little something for everyone in this alpine landscape.

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Monday, 25 September 2017

Kangaroo Island Sufferfest Triathlon Festival

Kangaroo Island lies just off the coast of the Australian mainland and is predominantly made up of nature reserves. The scenery is the biggest draw, with plenty of lush bushland, pristine coastlines, and an abundance of wildlife spotting opportunities.

Kangaroo Island tours are some of the most popular in the region, but if you’re visiting at the end of November, you’re in for a treat.

From the 24th to the 27th, the Kangaroo Island Sufferfest Triathlon Festival is taking place. This is Australia’s newest iron distance race, but it is also one of the most scenic and fastest races in the entire world. 

Over the two years since it began, the Sufferfest Triathlon Series has grown to encompass nine races across the country. The first event took place in Mt Martha Victoria in 2015, but it has since grown in popularity, with races and events held in Western Australia, including Albany, Rottnest Island, and Cottesloe. Kangaroo Island will host two of the South Australia events, while the third will be held in Murray Bridge. 

Each event in the Kangaroo Island Sufferfest Festival has a range of different distances made for all abilities and ages. These include:

·    IronFest, which includes a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride, and a 42.2km run.

      Half IronFest, which includes a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike ride, and a 21.1km run

·        OlyFest, which includes a 1.5km swim, a 40km bite ride, and a 10km run

·        SprintFest, which includes a 500m swim, a 20km bike ride, and a 5km run

·        EnticerFest, which includes a 150m swim, a 10km bike ride and a 2.5km rune

·        KidsFest, which includes a 75m swim, a 5km bike ride, and a 1km run. 

There are also individual running, swimming and Frogman events, which include a 5km and a 10km fun run, a 600m and a 1.2km swimming race, and a swim and run event which is competed in pairs of 10km. 

The event is hugely popular and a large reason to visit Kangaroo Island in November. Even if you’re not taking part, you can join in the festivities and soak up the friendly atmosphere of the events and their surroundings.

While watching the action unfold, you can marvel at the stunning landscape of Kangaroo Island and look out for the resident wildlife that make it so famous. The sprawling beaches combined with the rainforest make it the perfect destination to enjoy this active adventure.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Tour of the week: 1 Day Atherton Tablelands Tour

Get back to nature and escape busy city life on our Atherton Tablelands Tour. As you get away from Cairns for the day, we’ll show all the good spots, including pretty cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests, and cool waters set amongst millennia-old landscapes.

Gillies Range

We’ll start the day by taking you from Cairns to the Gillies Range, passing incredible scenery as we go. On the way, we’ll stop off at the impressive and popular Cathedral Fig Tree, where you can see nature at its finest.

Lake Barrine

Once we’ve finished there, we’ll move on to Lake Barrine, another natural hotspot set in a volcanic crater lake. Here, you can explore some of the area’s most impressive scenery and learn more about the natural wonders that characterise it.
Before we stop off for lunch, we’ll take you to Lake Eacham, where you can cool off after a morning of exploring.

Millaa Millaa Falls

After lunch, we’ll venture on through the tablelands’ countryside, making pitstops at cascading waterfalls along the way. You’ll have the chance to dip into the refreshing pools of the falls, and marvel at the stunning scenery that surrounds them.
The most popular waterfall in the area is Millaa Millaa Falls, and we’ll take you there before an exciting jungle trek up the Dinner Falls. While there, you’ll be able to see and explore the huge crater in Mount Hypipamee National Park.

On the Wallaby Lodge

Before we head back to Cairns, we’ll stop off at On the Wallaby Lodge. Here, you can recharge with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee, which marks the perfect way to end a day exploring the Atherton Tablelands and everything they have to offer. 

This tour is the perfect introduction to the region, giving you the chance to explore everything the Atherton Tablelands are known for and more. As well as unique natural wonders like volcanic craters and the impressive Cathedral Fig Tree, you’ll learn all about the picturesque landscape and discover picturesque waterfalls and lush scenery. 

There’ll be plenty of opportunity for you to take refreshing dips in the many watering holes along the way, including the base of popular Millaa Millaa Falls and the stunning expanse of Lake Barrine. 

It’s the perfect chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Cairns and experience the landscapes that make rural Australia so incredible.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Top Ten Attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne is renowned for being a colourful city bathed in culture and cool activities. Throughout the streets, there are numerous museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops to explore, as well as a range of must-visit attractions. Here are some of the best things to do on Melbourne city tours.
1.    Eureka Skydeck
The Eureka Skydeck is the highest viewing platform in the whole of the southern hemisphere, and offers breath-taking views out across the city from the 88th floor. From the top, you can look out at some of Melbourne’s top attractions, including the picturesque Dandenong Ranges in the distance.
2.    St. Paul’s Cathedral
Boasting an impressive dose of the Gothic Revival style, Melbourne’s St. Paul’s Cathedral dates back to the mid-1800s. Today, it continues to be a top attraction amongst the city’s best-loved stores in the shopping precinct.
3.    Dandenong Ranges
Set around thirty minutes or so outside of the city centre, the Dandenong Ranges unfold in a show of picturesque mountain scenery that is the perfect contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. There are plenty of walking tracks to enjoy and spectacular wildlife to spot in these parts.
4.    Melbourne Zoo
Animal lovers should hotfoot it to Melbourne Zoo, which sits in the heart of the city. Here, you can see some incredible animals and learn more about their behaviour and habitat.
5.    Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens
The Botanic Gardens unfold in a show of fine landscaping, offering a relaxing backdrop for a leisurely stroll and a wander through amazingly scented rare plant species.
6.    National Gallery of Victoria
Culture-vultures will love the array of museums and galleries in Melbourne, and the National Gallery of Victoria is one of the best. Here, you can peruse paintings that date back to 1861 and learn more about the historic creative pursuits of the city.
7.    Melbourne Cricket Ground
The iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground has been home to some of the world’s most major sporting events over the years, and you can learn all about the part it played in them at this popular destination.
8.    The Laneways
The laneways form an important part of Melbourne’s cultural scene, each of which has its own personality and set of quirky eateries, cafes, boutique stores, and graffiti scenes.
9.    Market Life
Markets are a huge part of Melbourne life, and there are numerous vibrant stall-based events that take place throughout the week. Check out the Queen Victoria Markets, the South Melbourne Market, and the Sunday Camberwell Market to get started.
10.     Dine at the Best Restaurants
Melbourne is home to a fantastic burgeoning foodie scene, which you can try out in one of the many delicious restaurants dotted throughout the city.