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Glass Bottom Boat Tours of the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef tours will take you on a discovery of another world, cited as one of the most important and diverse underwater eco systems on Earth, Australia’s barrier reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Surrounded by majestic sweeping green rainforests and fringed with sugary white sands, you can spend your days swimming, snorkelling and exploring the wonders that lie beneath the endless hues of blue.

Crystal Clear Vision and Creative Viewing
One of the most remarkable ways to experience the reef in all her glory is to take a glass bottom boat tour out across the pristine sparkling waters. Imagine gliding out in the comfort of a modern boat, slipping down to the lower deck and watching the coral gardens bloom and sway beneath your feet. With crystal clear vision you don’t need to even get your hair wet to enjoy the splendour of the Great Barrier Reef. You can watch the colourful schools of fish glitter as they move in search of food, witness large predators chasing smaller bites and even see floating rays, serene green turtles and the occasional reef shark.

Hear the Secrets of the Wild Underwater World

The captain of the glass bottom boat tours knows all the secrets of the Great Barrier Reef and provides an on board running commentary to help you understand more about the delicate eco system, the rich marine characters and the blossoming corals. There are plenty of different Great Barrier Reef cruises for those who want to explore without ducking their head to dive or snorkel. Full day cruises will take you to the far flung corners of the impressive reef, half day cruises give you a taste of the wild underwater world and island cruises blend the nature of the nautical world with the wild beauty of the many islands littering the reef.

Moonlit Cruises and Diving Down
You can take the excitement of the Great Barrier Reef to the next level by opting for a night tour on the glass bottomed boat. As the sun dips down and the moon rises another side of the reef ebbs to life as the nocturnal creatures come out to play. Those who want to experience the warm waters kissing their skin and to get up close and personal with the world under the sea can blend a snorkelling or diving experience with their glass bottomed tour. The magic of the Great Barrier Reef is truly an unforgettable experience and one that will ignite all your senses time and time again.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Discover the Underground with a Jenolan Caves Tour

The Blue Mountains offers an evocative array of delights when it comes to exploring the great outdoors and the Jenolan Caves are a must see experience. With over 40 km of underground tunnels and passages to explore you can sip down into the earth and discover another world. Fascinating carved rock formations, rushing rivers and bridges make for a truly unique adventure into the underworld with the Jenolan Caves tour.

An Underground Cathedral
The Lucas Cave is the jewel in the crown with its massive chambers, exquisite limestone formations and towering broken column. From the second you step inside you are sure to be awe struck as you listen to the gurgling pure waters of the river echoing beneath the grand ceiling. Under the dizzying heights of the cathedral like space the acoustics seem to carry for miles making this spot one of the most unique concert venues in the world.

Ancient River Passages
As the Lucas Cave requires climbing to access the chambers those who want to explore the caves
without strenuous activity can visit the Imperial Cave. Following an ancient river passage you can climb a short set of stairs and enter the wonder of the Imperial Cave. See the sinkhole for yourself and hear the mystical tales of Ridleys Shortcut, the Crystal Cities and gaze in wonder at the pretty Shawl Cave with its lace like rock formations. Admire the ancient marine fossils embedded in the walls and see the bones of a Tasmanian Devil excavated from the underground decades ago.

Snow White Crystal Walls
Embrace the colour and charm of the startling Diamond Cave with its pretty pink and pure snow white diamond rock formations. Sublime crystal colours capture hints of light and sparkle before your eyes with hanging stalagmites and waves of crystal seemingly caught in motion. The Diamond Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the Jenolan Caves Tour.

Pools and Riches Beneath your Feet
The underworld labyrinth boasts a plethora of beauty hidden inside its underground cave systems, gaze into the turquoise Pool of Reflections in the River Cave, tiptoe into the Dragons Throat at the Temple of Baal Cave and see the riches of the Orient Cave. The Jenolan Caves Tour offers a dramatic day away from the world, as you enter back into the light of the great outdoors you will feel privileged to have seen the secrets that lay beneath your feet. 

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Daintree River Cruise Review

Sightseeing Tours Australia can show you the world behind the misty veil, this ancient world heritage site is brimming with life and said to be one of the oldest tropical ecosystems on earth.  Imagine walking beneath the shade of glimmering emerald canopies, watching brightly coloured birds flood the skies and sitting beside a rushing river as the rainforest lives and breathes around you.

A Nature Lovers Paradise
As part of the impressive Daintree Rainforest Tour, visitors can indulge in an exciting cruise along the Daintree River. The Daintree River is a nature lover’s paradise with its muddy banks teeming with rich mangroves, the hanging boughs heavy with birds and the sparkling waters spilling over with slit eyed crocodiles. On board you can

find a specialist river guide stacked with knowledge when it comes to the ebb and the flow of the Daintree. As you glide along the glassy surface your guide will point out all the exciting elements of flora and fauna that makes the Daintree River one of the most exciting spots in Australia.

Where the Salt Meets the Springs
As you drift down the river you can expect to see a wealth of wildlife, watch the tough scaled
crocodiles snap their jaws at well-dressed birds pushing their beaks into the mud, admire the flimsy winged butterfly’s fliting to and fro and see a fat bellied python wrap around a tree trunk. Understand the importance of the angled mangroves and find out what kind of trees stand tall along the river banks. There are so many rare sights to see along the Daintree, the place where the warm salt waters of the southern ocean race to meet the cool freshwaters from the lakes and the rivers. This heady combination creates a thriving environment where the dance of nature is never far from your eyes.

A Kaleidoscope of Colour
Daintree rainforest tours are all about experiencing the sheer delights of the wild world. You can spend the whole day igniting your senses in the dark heart of the forest. After a delightful river cruise you can step into the kaleidoscope of colour that makes the rainforest come alive. Guided tours through the dew heavy trees and into the misty forest can be like walking into a dream. After discovering the delights of the Daintree you can step into another world in the mythical Mossman Gorge before taking the scenic drive along the carved coastal landscape. Daintree Rainforest tours will show you a world where nature thrives and is certainly worth experiencing. 

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