Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tour of the Week – 1 Day Daintree Rainforest Tour

Discover a world encased in shimmering greens and blues with a Daintree tour of the oldest tropical rainforest on earth. Imagine standing beneath a canopy of thick jungle foliage as butterflies flood the air, watching for slit eyed crocodiles in the dense mangrove swamps and running across pristine virgin sands to dive into crystal clear waters – this is Mother Nature in her best dress and this is the Daintree rainforest. Daintree rainforest tours whisk you away to a world heritage site that lives and breathes and ignites all the senses. The tropical wonderland is awash with colour, sights and sounds providing a once in a lifetime experience to embrace the beauty of Daintree and Cape Tribulation.

Natures Greatest Show
As the sun starts to rise you can leave Cairns behind and lose yourself in the heady scent of the rainforest. Sit on the banks of the sweeping Daintree River sipping tea and watching snakes coil around the branches of overhanging trees. Hear the songs of exotic bright plumed birds as they push their bills into the riverbanks searching for breakfast and watch the striped possum’s splash in the shallows.

Wind Down the River
A highlight of Daintree Rainforest Tours is the chance to glide down the winding river on a wildlife cruise. This is one of the best ways to see crocodiles in their natural habitat basking on the cool muddy banks. After exploring the majestic Daintree by water a local biologist is waiting to take you to the dark heart of the jungle. The Marrdja Botanical Boardwalk will transport you on a journey back in time, to when dinosaurs walked the earth, with its evocative display of ancient flora. Ramble beside the gin coloured streams, climb over sprawling roots and admire the blood red flowers breaking through the foliage.

Discover Blissful Beaches
Delightful Daintree tours take you from the dense heat of the jungle to splash in the rich coral waters of Cape Tribulation. Cool in the jewelled waters against a backdrop of rising mountains and tumbling greenery that races down to greet the shore. Linger over a picnic lunch, watch marine life teem around your feet and climb to the top of the Alexandra Range for breath taking views.

Myth and Magic at Mossman Gorge
End the perfect afternoon discovering the rich heritage and divine beauty of the Mossman Gorge. Tumbling waterfalls, shimmering lagoons and a landscape steeped in myth and magic make you feel as though you have stepped into a fairy-tale.
Daintree tours blend natural beauty with backpacker exploration; get ready to embrace the excitement of Australia’s wilderness in the tropical surroundings of the Daintree Rainforest. 

So what are you waiting for book your 1 day Daintree Rainforest Tour now 

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