Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Breeding Season for Little Penguins on Philip Island

Take a walk on the wild side with Philip Island Tours and discover penguin paradise. Philip Island is bursting at the seams with wildlife conservation, spectacular coastal scenery and plenty of local charm. With the Philip Island Tours adventure you can cuddle koalas, watch the penguins march and witness dolphins and seals playing in the surf.
The March of the Penguins in Spring
Springtime sees plenty of fluffy baby penguins squawking and calling for their penguin parents to bring them home some dinner. As the sunset floods the sky hundreds of tiny penguins waddle from the waves back to the warmth of their sand dune burrows and waiting babies. You can watch this magical procession from the special viewing platform or nestle into the prestigious penguin box for an up close and personal experience.
Cuddling with Koalas
Yet it’s not only penguins on offer on the salt sea shores of Philip Island, the Koala Conservation Centre offers the chance to see sleepy eyed koalas in their natural habitat. Of course the koalas are a lot less active then the baby penguins but you can still see them lounging in tree top bliss on Philip Island.
Seal Rocks and Crashing Surf
Stroll the boardwalk at the Nobbies Centre with Philip Island Tours, as the crashing surf pounds the rocks below you can see the ocean stretching for miles on the shimmering horizon. You can catch a glimpse of Seal Rocks flooded with fur seals stretching out to bask in the sun or floundering in the surf. You may even catch sight of whales fanning their majestic tails far out or see penguins fishing close to shore.
Something Sweet
After breathing in the splendour of the great outdoors you can head to the Chocolate Factory to satiate your sweet tooth. Chocolate art exhibitions, educational tasters and of course plenty of sweet and bitter coco delights can be found in the heady atmosphere of the Chocolate Factory. Philip Island is a hedonistic delight for food lovers over spilling with charming restaurants and quirky yet classy vineyards.
Step into the Wilderness
Cape Woolami is another exceptional sight to discover with Philip Island Tours. The National Surfing Reserve boasts some of the best waves in Victoria and the remote wilderness and natural beauty that surrounds it is sure to leave you speechless. The ancient pink granite rocks, the sapphire waves and the calls of the wild birds hovering over the dunes will linger in your memory for a lifetime.

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