Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Discover Fine Wine at Drayton’s with the Hunter Valley Wine Tour

 World famous for exceptional wines, beautiful vineyards and an oasis of tumbling green hills and rich waters, the Hunter Valley is Australia’s best destinations for those who love to crush a cup or two. The Hunter Valley Wine Tour will take you on a smorgasbord of gourmet delights and open cellar doors to delight all the senses. Visiting some of the best vineyards in the region, guests can sip and swirl to their hearts content, learn all the secrets behind exceptional wine making and discover a bounty of local produce from the teeming hills and waters that surround this picturesque nook on earth.
One of the first stops on this exceptional tour will be to the Drayton’s winery. The Drayton’s are one of the pioneering families of winemaking in the Hunter Valley and have been growing gorgeous grapes since setting foot on the fertile soil over a hundred and fifty years ago. With over six generations passing the chalice, the business has remained a family affair and this can be seen in the warmth of the charming winery with its world class wines. 

Guests can take a tour of the sprawling vineyards and breathe in the fragrance of fresh tropical fruits, wildflowers and mountain herbs. Drayton’s speciality seems to be the bouquet of beautiful whites that run like amber nectar into the glass. The Semillon Chardonnay offers an attractive blend with a soft palate and light and zesty finish that leaves the taste buds clean. Those who adore something sweeter on the tongue should sip a cool glass of the Traminer Riesling with its floral notes and slight spice that rises to a silky crescendo of flavour. There are also some excellent reds on the tasting table with the Shiraz Cabernet oozing sticky blackberry flavours and boasting plenty of body. 

Stop in at the Log Press Café and pair the perfect glass to the perfect plate with their array of delicious fresh
snacks, lavish lunches and beautiful breakfasts. Guests can also pick up artisan charms and local crafted souvenirs of fine foods, coffee and wine to take back home. Nothing can compare to sitting beneath the elegant boughs of the trees and sipping a morning tea as you listen to the bird song tumble through the vineyards.

The Hunter Valley Wine Tour is all about indulging in the finer things in life, beautiful grapes growing in abundance over the woven colours of the countryside ensure that you can spend the day discovering this Eden like paradise.

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