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blue mountains

Scenic World – Blue Mountains Tours

Blue Mountains Tours takes you to a whole new world, one bursting with natural beauty, jaw dropping views, fabulous food and the chance to indulge in the great outdoors. Thick rainforests blanket the land, canyons dip and rise and waterfalls tumble into misty pools in this magical arena known as the Blue Mountains.
For a divine experience in the heart of nature, Scenic World will show you the power of the natural world with its fun fuelled adventures in the heart of the Blue Mountains. Boasting incredible attractions like glass floored gondolas, the steepest railway in the world and Jurassic rainforest walks you are sure to lose your heart and find your soul in Scenic World.

Glide Above the World
Take to the air on the scenic skyway with Blue Mountain Tours. Imagine gliding in a gondola 270 metres above the dense rainforest with only a glass floor between you and the canopy. From this dizzying height as you pass through death defying ravines and above golden glazed cliffs you can see the world of Katoomba spread beneath your feet. Glimpse the famous sights of the Jamison Valley, the Three Sisters and the Katoomba Falls as you sail like a bird suspended in the air.

Explore the Real Jurassic Park
Let your senses run wild in Scenic World with a tour of the scenic walkway. The elevated boardwalk stretches on for 2.4 kilometres and allows visitors to explore the rainforest without leaving a footprint on the natural world. Listen to the lyre bird call from the misty tree tops, trail your fingers in the cool waters of the Marrangaroo Spring and feel small beneath the towering Jurassic canopies that are as old as time.

Thrilling Railway Rides
Experience a roller coaster ride with the scenic railway, one of the steepest rail journeys in the whole of the world. With Blue Mountains Tours you can dip down deep into the Jamison Valley, through a cliff clinging tunnel and at a thrilling 52 degree incline. The glass roofed carriages allow you to truly steep in the beauty of the rainforest with its shrouded mists, it’s ever changing colours and its magical ambience.

Ticket Costs
Exploring the excitement of Scenic world and riding the gondolas, the railway and strolling the walkways will cost you $35 per adult ticket, children’s tickets cost $17 and a family pass will set you back $77. You can blend the thrills of Scenic World by choosing Blue Mountains Tours which will show you some of the most spectacular sights tucked away in the majestic mountains.

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