Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Stay Overnight in Apollo Bay Upgrade: Great Ocean Road Tour

The Great Ocean Road Tour takes you to paradise by the sea and beyond. Apollo Bay is a stunning

curve of sand that sits prettily beneath the sprawling Otway ranges. Surrounding the beautiful bay travellers can find miles upon miles of lush green rainforests, babbling streams, tumbling waterfalls and natural swimming holes to explore. When the sin sinks like a stone behind the ripples of the sea fireflies flood the midnight sky bringing a little magic to another evening at Apollo Bay.

The Great Ocean Road Tours passes through the splendour of Apollo Bay but those who want to truly indulge and explore these sun soaked shores can opt to stay overnight and wake up to one of the world’s most picturesque locations beside the sea.

A Marine Rich Playground
Apollo Bay is an adventure playground that ensures you can splash in the marine rich waters, traverse the rising cliffs and mountains and lose yourself in the humid heart of the rainforest. Some of the world’s best surfing spots can be found by following the Great Ocean Road as the white
tipped rollers cruise in to smash on shore. From the sands of Apollo Bay you can watch the locals dance white waves or pick up a surfboard and take to the waters yourself. Those who want to explore the shores in a softer way can kayak around the seal colonies or try your hand at deep water fishing to catch something special.

Seafood Supers and Superior Views
Apollo Bay has all the charming delights you would expect of a seaside town with horseback rides across the sand, quaint tea houses and local galleries and a collection of warm and welcoming hotels boasting beautiful sea views at every turn. Being perfectly poised on the waterfront seafood suppers are big news in Apollo Bay. Chris’s Beacon Point Restaurant invites you to dine on the catch of the day, share a bottle of fine Australian wine and watch the flaming sunset light up the sky from its hilltop position above the sparkling waters.

Fern Gullies and Waterfalls
Nestled between the forest and the sea visitors staying to play in Apollo Bay can explore the velvet cloaks of the fern gullies and misty waterfalls surrounding this charming town. Bushwalking through the trails, watching the local glow worm’s glimmer and witnessing yawning koala bears snug in the tree tops makes for an incredible experience.

Taking the Great Ocean Road Tours will take you winding through one of Australia’s most spectacular road trips. You can swing by beautiful beach towns and hidden coastal gems, stare in awe at the 12 apostles and cruise through an ever-changing landscape of shimmering blues, emerald greens and sparkling sands.

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