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Hunter Valley

Tour of the Week - Hunter Valley Wine Tour

Tantalize your taste buds with a journey through the rolling greens and gold’s of the magnificent countryside with Hunter Valley Wine Tours. This decadent experience will take you to the heart of the valleys where the tangled vines hang heavy with grapes, the rustic charm sweeps small towns with artisan eateries, galleries and open cellar doors and you can breathe in the splendour of the great Australian outdoors.

Sommelier Secrets
Hunter Valley Wine Tours will show you some of the best kept sommelier secrets from the doors of Drayton to the heights of the Hope Estate. With over 120 wineries growing, maintaining and crushing grapes across the endless estates this is without a doubt the best spot for discovering la crème de la crème of new world wine.

A Perfectly Curated Tour
This magnificent and perfectly curated tour will take you to the heart of the Hunter Valley starting with Draytons Winery. As one of the pioneering families of winemaking, the Draytons know their grapes and will introduce your palate to some floral notes that rise from the whites and rich ruby reds that tingle with bright fruit flavours. The surrounding area of the Draytons is a bounty of natural wonder, rising mountains shimmer beneath a blue sky, wild herbs permeate the soft air and the sprawling vineyards run off into the horizon. Take lunch at the local gem of the Log Stone Café and wander the shelves looking for fresh coffee, intricate teas and crafted wines to take back home.

Fat Fruits, Artisan Pizza and Craft Beer
Hunter Valley Wine Tours will show you the charm of the Hope Estate, the Victorian style vineyards are laced in romance, beauty and of course award winning wines to quaff. From the breath-taking vistas you can feel the sea breeze roll in making the soil dark and fertile and perfect for growing world glass grapes. Take a sip of the most infamous wine from the estate; the ripper, and let the fat fruits, slight spice and wild herbs roll around the tongue. After an exceptional wine tasting experience you can enjoy sampling artisan craft beers and devouring the simple gourmet pleasures of a wood smoked pizza.

Discover the Bounty
Discovering the bounty of the Hunter Valley is the perfect way to see why Australia is such a renowned wine and dine destination. Spend the day hiking the hills, ducking in and out of trendy boutiques and small galleries and of course delighting in the finesse of Hunter Valley wine.

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