Sunday, 14 December 2014

Daintree River Cruise Review

Sightseeing Tours Australia can show you the world behind the misty veil, this ancient world heritage site is brimming with life and said to be one of the oldest tropical ecosystems on earth.  Imagine walking beneath the shade of glimmering emerald canopies, watching brightly coloured birds flood the skies and sitting beside a rushing river as the rainforest lives and breathes around you.

A Nature Lovers Paradise
As part of the impressive Daintree Rainforest Tour, visitors can indulge in an exciting cruise along the Daintree River. The Daintree River is a nature lover’s paradise with its muddy banks teeming with rich mangroves, the hanging boughs heavy with birds and the sparkling waters spilling over with slit eyed crocodiles. On board you can

find a specialist river guide stacked with knowledge when it comes to the ebb and the flow of the Daintree. As you glide along the glassy surface your guide will point out all the exciting elements of flora and fauna that makes the Daintree River one of the most exciting spots in Australia.

Where the Salt Meets the Springs
As you drift down the river you can expect to see a wealth of wildlife, watch the tough scaled
crocodiles snap their jaws at well-dressed birds pushing their beaks into the mud, admire the flimsy winged butterfly’s fliting to and fro and see a fat bellied python wrap around a tree trunk. Understand the importance of the angled mangroves and find out what kind of trees stand tall along the river banks. There are so many rare sights to see along the Daintree, the place where the warm salt waters of the southern ocean race to meet the cool freshwaters from the lakes and the rivers. This heady combination creates a thriving environment where the dance of nature is never far from your eyes.

A Kaleidoscope of Colour
Daintree rainforest tours are all about experiencing the sheer delights of the wild world. You can spend the whole day igniting your senses in the dark heart of the forest. After a delightful river cruise you can step into the kaleidoscope of colour that makes the rainforest come alive. Guided tours through the dew heavy trees and into the misty forest can be like walking into a dream. After discovering the delights of the Daintree you can step into another world in the mythical Mossman Gorge before taking the scenic drive along the carved coastal landscape. Daintree Rainforest tours will show you a world where nature thrives and is certainly worth experiencing. 

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