Monday, 15 December 2014

Discover the Underground with a Jenolan Caves Tour

The Blue Mountains offers an evocative array of delights when it comes to exploring the great outdoors and the Jenolan Caves are a must see experience. With over 40 km of underground tunnels and passages to explore you can sip down into the earth and discover another world. Fascinating carved rock formations, rushing rivers and bridges make for a truly unique adventure into the underworld with the Jenolan Caves tour.

An Underground Cathedral
The Lucas Cave is the jewel in the crown with its massive chambers, exquisite limestone formations and towering broken column. From the second you step inside you are sure to be awe struck as you listen to the gurgling pure waters of the river echoing beneath the grand ceiling. Under the dizzying heights of the cathedral like space the acoustics seem to carry for miles making this spot one of the most unique concert venues in the world.

Ancient River Passages
As the Lucas Cave requires climbing to access the chambers those who want to explore the caves
without strenuous activity can visit the Imperial Cave. Following an ancient river passage you can climb a short set of stairs and enter the wonder of the Imperial Cave. See the sinkhole for yourself and hear the mystical tales of Ridleys Shortcut, the Crystal Cities and gaze in wonder at the pretty Shawl Cave with its lace like rock formations. Admire the ancient marine fossils embedded in the walls and see the bones of a Tasmanian Devil excavated from the underground decades ago.

Snow White Crystal Walls
Embrace the colour and charm of the startling Diamond Cave with its pretty pink and pure snow white diamond rock formations. Sublime crystal colours capture hints of light and sparkle before your eyes with hanging stalagmites and waves of crystal seemingly caught in motion. The Diamond Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the Jenolan Caves Tour.

Pools and Riches Beneath your Feet
The underworld labyrinth boasts a plethora of beauty hidden inside its underground cave systems, gaze into the turquoise Pool of Reflections in the River Cave, tiptoe into the Dragons Throat at the Temple of Baal Cave and see the riches of the Orient Cave. The Jenolan Caves Tour offers a dramatic day away from the world, as you enter back into the light of the great outdoors you will feel privileged to have seen the secrets that lay beneath your feet. 

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