Saturday, 13 December 2014

Tour of the Week – 1 Day Great Ocean Road Tour

The Great Ocean Road is another sparkling jewel in the crown of Australia for those who adore blurring the lines of land and sea. This magnificent road is hailed as one of the best drives in the world as you wind past first class surf breaks, glittering rainforest canopies, carved cliffs and dappled dairy farms. Great Ocean Road Tours allows you to experience the sights and sounds of this special spot on earth. On this epic one day trip you can bask in the beauty of the Southern Ocean, count koalas on the Kennet River and stand in awe at the monolithic splendour of the 12 apostles.

Surging Surf and Sleepy Maritime Towns
Great Ocean Road Tours whisks you away from the stifling city heat and into a natural wonderland of salt and sea. Your adventure into the unknown starts with a trip to one of the best surf spots along the
shore. Sipping a morning tea and watching the locals dance on the fast powered waves is sure to take your breath away. Pass under the memorial archway and through the sweet seaside town of Lorne with its vibrant local arts scene and sleepy maritime ways.

Hear the Cry of the Kookaburra
Apollo Bay is waiting with its wealth of local wildlife, trail your fingers in the river and watch the bright plumes of parrots disappear into shady green treetops, glimpse sleepy eyed koalas nestling in the branches and hear the cry of the Kookaburra. The sea whipped air is sure to stir up your appetite and the cozy charm of the Iluka Restaurant is waiting to tempt your taste buds with fabulous home cooked fare and cold beers.

Discover the Ancient Boughs of the Otway Rainforest
Your majestic Great Ocean Road tour continues into the shadows of the Otway Rainforest. Beneath
the cool jewelled canopy veils you can gaze at ancient eucalyptus rising up to touch the sky, the quiet and the calm of the wizened forest feels a world away from the tourist hubs and is the perfect place to reflect with nature.

Helicopter Above the 12 Apostles
 Myth and magic blend in beautiful harmony as you take a tour of the 12 apostles. The apostles are one of the most spectacular sights in the world and you can stand at the foot of these towering arches and cliffs carved into teetering towers by the sea. Those who want to curate flawless memories can even take a helicopter ride over the apostles.
Great Ocean Road Tours is the perfect way to spend a day exploring the stunning coastline that meanders and winds for miles. Picture perfect seashore towns, lonely lighthouses and even sprawling vineyards adorn this stunning stretch making it the perfect place to while away a day or two.

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