Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands

Spend an exhilarating day swimming and diving in the bounty of the Atherton Tablelands. The Atherton Tablelands Tour takes you on a wet and wild adventure through pristine waterfalls, sunlit lagoons and shimmering lakes. Getting wet is certainly on the cards as you hike the natural trails before cascading down gushing waterfalls, feel the silver veiled mist cool your skin and soak up the bounty of this natural playground.

Explore the Wonder
The Atherton tablelands tour is incredibly popular with young, vibrant travellers wanting to expend their energy in a fun fuelled environment. From the Bobinda Boulders to the Josephine Falls this is the very best way to explore the wonders of the Tablelands. Blend a delightful day of seeking natural waterholes with a touch of wildlife hunting. In the misty heart of the lush green rainforest you can find platypus diving down into the crystal clear waters, spot kangaroos cooling in the shade and see many bright and beautiful birds flood the skies.

Admire the Kaleidoscope of Colour
The rich tropics of the Tablelands is a kaleidoscope of colour boasting vibrant red soils, emerald plateaus and water in every shade of blue. Crater lakes and curious rock formations pepper the landscape and the fairy tale feel of the Millaa Millaa Falls is sure to take your breath away. Despite only being an hour away from Cairns the pace of life in the Tablelands is laid back and nestled in the heart of nature. The region is also famous for its fine foods including fresh coffee, exotic sweet nuts and rich wheels of farm cheeses. Historic villages populate the rolling hills and rich green tapestries, locals are always ready to welcome visitors with a smile.
A Wet and Wild Adventure
The Atherton Tablelands Tour will take you on the infamous waterfall circuit showing you the
evocative sights of all the best spots, hand selected for their natural beauty, pristine waters and freedom to explore.  Stand in awe at the Curtain Fig Tree, sneak a peek at kangaroos in the Malanda Environmental Park, splash in the hazy warm waters of Lake Eacham, and admire spectacular views at Crawford Lookout.

Get off the Beaten Track
With the Atherton Tablelands Tour you can truly get off the beaten track and spend the day indulging in this natural water park with plenty of like-minded souls looking for adventure.  Nothing can compare to sliding down the fast flowing falls into shimmering lagoons, jumping from oversized boulders and relaxing in the essence of nature.

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