Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Why Stay Overnight in Port Campbell

Great Ocean Road Tours will take you on one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Imagine traversing along the winding coastal road, breathing in the sea salt air, admiring the glittering cliffs that tumble down into the turquoise waters, watching the sunlight glaze the fragrant pine trees and indulging in the sheer delights of dramatic ocean scenery. One of the highlights of the Great Ocean Road Tours is the chance to swing by the pretty little pearl of a town called Port Campbell.

Ocean, Cliffs and Forests
The bright colours of Port Campbell offer the perfect welcome to this charming sea side resort boasting easy access to the natural wonder of the twelve apostles, world famous surf spots for dancing on the waves and lots of vibrant boutiques, eateries and galleries to explore. Rather than simply passing through this delightful little gem nestled between the cliffs, the ocean and the pine forests, why not stay the night and let Port Campbell show you the true meaning of coastal life.

The 12 Apostles
One of the best reasons to hang around and soak up the atmosphere of Port Campbell has to be he chance to discover firs hand the wonder of the 12 apostles. Despite the infamous name there are actually only eight left standing as the wind and the pounding surf have eroded the others away. The majestic sigh of seeing the massive carved limestone rock formations rising up out of the azure waters will fill you with mythical and mystical wonder. Try to catch the apostles as the flaming sunset bleeds across the sky and douses them in flecks of gold and rose.

Fine Food and Haunted Pubs
Thanks to its prime position nestled between the rich ocean and the fertile hills, Port Campbell offers
delectable fine food and wine to be enjoyed and lovingly lingered over in casual settings. From ripe homemade whey cheese to warm bread, fresh seafood and fabulous beer, dining out in Port Campbell overlooking the crashing surf certainly makes for an occasion. Finish the evening with an eerie experience in the Boggy Creek Pub, a local haunt that is said to be truly haunted and is filled to the brim with period charm and fishermen suppers.

A Million Midnight Stars
Discover the bounty of the great outdoors with a stay in Port Campbell, close by you can find fabulous surf breaks for testing your prowess, volcanic lakes and craters only a stone’s throw away and the bounty of the National Park. As the moon starts to rise guests who overnight in Port Campbell will be treated to the awe inspiring sight of millions of stars lighting up the sky. The Great Ocean Road Tours will show you all the secret spots just begging to be explored along the coast and Port Campbell is certainly worth the time.

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