Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tour of the Week – Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour

From waddling baby penguins to Penny’s chocolate factory, beautiful wild swept beaches and seaside charm – the Phillip Island tour will ignite all your senses and leave you breathless.  On this amazing Phillip Island tour you can hand feed kangaroos, sip the world’s most decadent hot chocolate, watch the seals flop on the rocks and witness the power of the ocean rolling onto the beauty of Woolamai Beach.

Discover the Wonder of Wildlife
Only a little over an hour away from the cosmopolitan charm of Melbourne enroute to Phillip Island visit to the Maru Animal park. Nestled in the divine wilderness you can cuddle up with sleepy koalas, play with kangaroos, witness the frenzy of the Tasmanian devil and even watch fluffy sheep’s get sheared in a traditional display. Children and adults will adore snapping pictures of adorable native animals and finding out all about the wildlife inhabiting Australia.

Satiate your Sweet Tooth
The chocolate factory is another sensational highlight of the Phillip Island tour, for those with a sweet
tooth you can satiate your senses with a trip inside the world of Penny’s chocolate. Interactive exhibitions, fun and games and plenty of chocolate tasting can be found beneath the roof of this bright and bountiful factory. Be sure to swing by the exquisite chocolate café and indulge in a fondue lunch, fat red strawberries, soft marshmallows and an array of delights can all be dipped in the melted velvet dip.

Surf and Seals
Woolamai Beach is waiting to show you the wild side of Philips Island with its roaring surf, rugged cliffs and fat seals lounging on the rocks. The Nobbies Information Centre is the perfect place to find out all about the seals and to view them through the special observation cameras. Stroll down the salt crusted boardwalk and watch the might of the ocean soar to the sky from the blowhole.

The Famous Penguin Parade
Your Phillip Island tour cumulates with an extraordinary opportunity to witness the daily penguin parade. As the sun starts to melt across the sparkling waters these adorable fluffy penguins wade out of the water and trip up across the sands as they make their way home. From the special viewing platform you can fall in love with the sight of the tiny parading penguins making their sunset sojourn to the safety of home.
Phillip Island tours offer a harmonious blend of cultural wonder and the bounty of natural discovery. In one of the most pristine environment in the world you can get up close and personal with Mother Nature and bask in the wonder of Australia. 

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