Friday, 20 February 2015

Melbourne as a Travel Destination

Melbourne day tours can show you the many reasons why Melbourne is hailed as a travelers dream destination. The cultural capital pulls out all the stops when it comes to delectable sightseeing, fine wine and food, theatre and nightlife and so much more. Whether you are swinging through or hoping to stay awhile, Melbourne tours is sure to knock your socks off.
A Gourmet Capital
Food lovers will delight in the delicious news that when it comes to gourmet dishes, innovative cuisine and fine dining, Melbourne is up there at the top. With Masterchef moving to Melbourne and a whole host of foodie affairs and events you are sure to find your perfect plate in the stunning city.
The Yarra River
Sydney may have the surf but Melbourne has the ebb and the flow of the gorgeous Yarra River meandering gracefully through the city. With Melbourne tours you can take a cruise along the surface soaking up the beautiful sights of the skyline and watching the world pass by.
Shoppers Delight

Melbourne also boasts one of the largest outdoor markets in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere and for those who love to haggle for a bargain you will be swept of your feet. Queen Victoria Market is a kaleidoscope of color and is sure to ignite all your senses. This is the place to find fabulous farmers produce and lots of lovely treats to take back home.
Class and Culture
Melbourne isn’t called the cultural capital for nothing; the whole city is teeming with world class museums, art galleries and chic cafĂ© culture. You can see the koalas at Melbourne Zoo, take your pick of designer entertainment at the Docklands and visit the Melbourne Museum. If theatre is your thing then there is the iconic arts center for soaking up the beauty of ballet and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. There is always something new to discover and explore when you take the Melbourne tour.
A Divine Location
For savvy travelers who want to see it all Melbourne can make for the perfect base. Not only will you get to devour the city but you can travel further afield with ease. Close to the hip and happening streets of Melbourne you can find the famous Great Ocean Road, the waddling penguins and wildlife of Philip Island and of course the rolling greens and tangled vineyards of the Yarra Valley.

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