Wednesday, 4 February 2015

See the Seals at the Nobbies on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a floating wonder of sheer delight, cloaked in emerald green with white sand shores and surrounded by blue hues; this is one of the best spots in Victoria for spotting an abundance of wildlife, especially waddling penguins and soft fur seals. The Nobbies on Phillip Island sits prettily on the south western tip jutting out to the sea and is also home to the infamous seal rocks.

Stroll Along the Boardwalk
The meandering boardwalk crafted from wood curves around the Nobbies and is the perfect place to explore on a warm summers day or even out of season when the surf crashes against the rocks. Following the wooden walk offers breath-taking views along the coast and just past the penguin parade where the small black and white birds tumble and fall you will find seal rocks.

See the Largest Fur Seal Colony
Seal rocks is one of the largest natural colonies of fur seals in Australia. Boasting more than sixteen
thousand inhabitants you can watch these charming and incredibly cute creatures go about their daily business. In the December months when the baby boom is well underway you can spend hours gazing at the mothers nursing their young, watch the little ones rough and tumble and see the fathers soaking up the sun.

Take a Boat Tour to the Rocks
Phillip Island also offers boat tours of the seal colonies allowing guests to get up close and personal with the fascinating creatures. Some of the more curious members of the colony may even swim up close to get a look at you and you are sure to see scores of seals splashing happily and wrestling with each other upon the rocks. Those who don’t want to crest across the waves can slip inside the Nobbies Centre and use the incredible state of the art cameras to zoom in and find out all about the seals and how they react to their natural environment.

A Dream that Stretches Forever  
With scores of silver gulls drifting across the skies, the sound of the rolling surf kissing the bay and seals littering the rocks, there is no place to discover the wonder of Mother Nature quite like Philip Island. Strolling along the Nobbies is full of delights from watching the thundering ocean escape through the natural blowhole to discovering the innocent joy of baby penguins waddling back from their daily swim, Philip Island is a dream that seems to stretch on forever. 

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