Monday, 2 March 2015

Find your Dream Paradise on Green Island

magine escaping to your own slice of pure desert island bliss, with nothing but the shade of green trees, the silky sand beneath your feet and miles upon miles of azure blue glittering on the horizon. Believe it or not you can find this picture perfect paradise only a stone’s throw away from the shores of Cairns. The Green Island Ferry is waiting to transport you to another world, one where luxurious suites are hidden behind the thick veil of the rainforest, where days are spent snorkeling and swimming in warm waters and where sipping cocktails on the sand is a must.
Dream Days in Paradise
The island is carved out from the very best Mother Nature has to offer. Whether your dream day is about soaking up the sun, cooling in the calm waves and snoozing in a hammock or whether you
want to explore the depths of the green jungle, dive into the deep and dabble in adventure, Green Island can deliver the perfect experience for you.
Snorkel and Swim
There are a ton of beach side activities to choose from and guests can glide across the open turquoise waters on a kayak, fuel their need for speed with a spot of windsurfing and snorkel alongside the famous Green Sea Turtles. If you want to explore the colorful reefs without getting your hair wet then its smooth sailing with the glass bottomed boat tour that ripples around the refined coast of Green Island.
Explore the Jungle
The Green Island Ferry takes you from the hustle and bustle of Cairns and drops you on a jungle in the middle of the sea. As you can imagine there are amazing eco-trails cutting through the dense forest floor where you can meander as you search for bright plumed birds, rare plant species and
swaying coconut trees. Those who want to return to the mainland can but those who want to linger a little longer in paradise can make the most of the luxurious accommodation to be found tucked away beneath the trees.
Stargazing and Moonlit Strolls
When the sun drizzles across the water and dusk falls, Green Island remains a truly magical place. You can sip cocktails and watch the flaming sunset, take a moonlit stroll across the sands and of course star gaze at a million and one lights twinkling in the midnight sky. 

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