Wednesday, 11 March 2015

New Tour Feature - Penguin Parade Evening Tour

 Penguins may be the cutest family around, and now you have the chance to experience them up close with our new Penguin Parade Tour!  The trip leaves Melbourne city center and travels out to Phillip Island, where the infamous penguins reside.  Throughout the 90 minute trip, you will be informed about the local area, as well as Phillip Island itself.  There is a good chance you might spot a koala or wallaby nearby, as the bus travels across the island from east to west before arriving at Summerlands Bay, giving you plenty of time to see the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Once the bus arrives, you will have plenty of time to grab a nice meal or coffee at the nearby cafe, before heading over to learn more about the little creatures at the award-winning
visitor center.  The center is packed with information on the island, their conservation efforts, and of course, heaps of information on the worlds smallest penguins.  The visitor center is also home to a variety of interactive displays, keeping the visitor engaged in learning about the penguins habitat. 

Afterwards, get ready for the main event!  At sunset, watch the penguins take the trip across the beach with their families to their homes in the sand dunes.  There are multiple viewing areas to see the penguins waddle from the beach to their homes.  If you want the best view, you can upgrade to the Superior Penguin Plus platform to get a more personalised experience.  This up-close-and-personal experience is an unforgettable day out of Melbourne, and one not to miss. 

The Penguin Parade Tour is perfect for any age.  Getting to see the penguins in their natural habitat is a unique and exciting experience that will make for a great travel story later!  This affordable trip is like no other, and worth every minute. Just dont forget your camera! The Penguin Parade Tour pick-ups and drop-offs for the trip are provided from a variety of locations in central Melbourne for no additional cost.  The fee includes pick-up/drop-off, park entry fees, and an informative guide throughout the entire tour.  If youre looking for an adventurous activity outside of Melbourne city, the Penguin Parade Tour is your best bet! If you have a family and want to experience this tour, family packages are available for ages two and older.  

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