Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tour of the Week: 3-Day Uluru and Kings Canyon Tour

Experience the beautiful scenery of the Australian outback on this once-in-a-lifetime tour that takes in the natural wonder of Uluru. Leaving from Alice Springs, you’ll get to experience the natural beauty of Australia like you’ve never seen it before, whilst getting to know the ancient culture that embodies the region.

Cliffs and Valleys at Kings Canyon
This Uluru tour from Alice Springs begins at sunrise, just as the warm Australian sun begins to peek over the red-dust horizon. Journeying into the heart of the country you’ll explore Kings Canyon, a rugged landscape etched with eye-catching rosy cliffs. Tucked away in the dipping greenery of the Watarraka National Park, the Canyon boasts its very own Garden of Eden which languishes at the foothills of the rocky, red outcrops creating an ethereal, colourful contrast.
Whilst in the area you’ll get to explore the fascinating landscape and learn more about its natural creation, as well as cool off in the misty waterholes. To get even closer to nature, you’ll get to sleep under the twinkle of the outback’s stars.

The Main Attraction

Uluru has two distinct sides to its dusty red face. On the one hand it is one of the world’s most beautiful, natural phenomenon. And, on the other side, it harbours a rich tapestry of history spanning back thousands of years. On this Uluru tour from Alice Springs, you’ll get to glimpse both sides. You’ll get to explore the ancient landscape, hiking over sun-blushed outcrops and wandering through low-slung valleys. You’ll get to emerge, revitalised amongst the outback scenery, onto wide open plateaus that proffer heart-stopping views across the vibrant mirage of colours.
And, when you’ve really got to grips with the wild landscape and mesmerising terrains, you’ll get to know the area’s personality, too. The history that weaves through Uluru and the sparse, open scenery that surrounds it is rich and complex. During this tour, you’ll get to dip into its historic timeline at the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, where you can learn about the local lifestyle and watch local crafts being made.

Staggering Sunsets
Against the rich red backdrop, the sunsets at Uluru are completely out of this world. As the Australian sun melts into the glistening horizon, you’ll be exposed to a rainbow of shocking colours, from fiery reds, hot terracotta, and wisps of pinky-purples.

Camel Riding in the Outback
Inject a unique experience on your Uluru tour with a camel ride across the dusty expanse of the outback. As you make your way back to Alice Springs, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the landscape one final time – from a different perspective.

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