Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Season for All the Senses: Things to do in The Hunter Valley in Autumn

 The Hunter Valley is a beautiful region throughout the year, but in autumn it really comes to life. As the days begin to shorten, the lush greenery takes on a golden tint, and the entire landscape bursts into a flurry of rich colour.
Autumn also marks the start of the harvest season in The Hunter Valley, bringing an end to all the hard work that’s been carried out through the summer months. Wine is an important part of the Valley’s culture, and this time of year is one of the highlights of the calendar. The golden autumn months mark the perfect time to soak up some Hunter Valley Wines on HunterValley Wine Tours, which blends culture with incredible landscapes.
But it’s not just wine and the golden glow that makes autumn the best time to visit The Hunter Valley. There are also a handful of awesome events and days out to be had at this time of year.

Hunter Food and Wine Month
Taking place throughout the whole of March, the Hunter Food and Wine month boasts a delicious
assortment of locally-sourced foodie delights accompanied by vintage wines from the region. Throughout the month, visitors can explore farmer’s markets, sample fresh ingredients, explore the history of the Hunter Valley, and learn more about the processes that take place in the area.

A Little Bit of Italy
Another foodie festival for the tastebuds, A Little Bit of Italy does exactly what it says on the tin – celebrates flavours and culture from Italy, including stalls and stalls of fresh meats and cheeses, as well as Italian-inspired performances paired with European wines.

Colourful Markets
The Hunter Valley is known for its year-round markets that proffer a hearty selection of homemade foods as well as handmade artisan crafts. Autumn is a great time to wander the colourful markets, from the popular Homemade Hunter Markets to the arts and food-centred Courtyard Market.

Concerts Galore
Autumn is also the perfect time to pack a picnic and head to an outdoor concert in The Hunter Valley. Throughout the season a number of multi-day festivals and concerts take place amongst the muted glow of the autumnal landscapes, including the Campfire Festival, which boats a backdrop of shimmering lakes and lush vineyards.
Whatever you decide to do in The Hunter Valley in autumn, make sure it’s with a glass of wine in hand. This time of year is the perfect time to soak up some of the freshly made flavours, all whilst enjoying spectacular views of the magical, turning landscape.

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