Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Melbourne Vs Sydney: Which is Your Favourite City?

Sydney and Melbourne are the urban bastions of Australia, both of which offer an excellent array of amenities and lifestyles. But, when it comes down to it, which one is the better city? It’s fairly safe to say that neither city is better than the other, but don’t say that out load in either city, as a fierce rivalry exists between the inhabitants of both cities as to who holds title as Australia’s best.  In reality it depends on what kind of traveller you are and where your interests lie.
Both Sydney and Melbourne proffer a collection of menus that cater to all different travel styles, whether you’re a foodie traveller, a culture-vulture, or on the hunt for a good nightlife.
Without further ado, let’s compare the two!

Sydney certainly has more world-famous attractions. Its harbour and Opera House are two of the most recognisable scenes in the world – the contemporary sails jutting upwards against eternally blue skies. This is also an important part of the city’s cultural scene. Whilst it may not have as many museums and galleries as Melbourne, it rocks it hard with
mind-blowing operas and plays from all over the world.
Then there’s the beach lifestyle that goes hand in hand with Sydney. Set right on the shimmering shores, Sydney is a playground for surfers and beach-bums with an eyebrow-raising list of great coves and intimate bays.
When it comes to nightlife, Sydney is definitely the clubbing capital of Australia. In the anonymous veil of darkness, revellers hit up some of the biggest clubs in the world, breaking out some shapes to world-class DJs. 
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Melbourne is often touted as an urban delight, set against a backdrop of winding laneways adorned with vibrant street art and quirky scenes. Whilst it may not boast as many landmarks as Sydney, everywhere you wander in Melbourne you’ll find something new – whether it’s a cute cafĂ© down a hidden backstreet, or an artist’s workshop tucked in between designer shops.
Which brings us to the culture of Melbourne. Unlike Sydney’s dominant Opera House, Melbourne’s cultural pursuits are dotted all around the city. You’ll find independent galleries rubbing shoulders with fascinating museums, and small performance halls bursting with quirky adaptations. The cultural scene in Melbourne is very independent and unique, which is why it often gets a better rap than Sydney in this regard.
Nights in Melbourne are still as lively Sydney, but they revolve around authentic bars, local
gigs, and hipster venues rather than international-scale clubs.
As you can see, both cities have extremely redeeming qualities, and which one you choose depends entirely on your travel tastes. 
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So what will it be? Sydney for the landmarks and beach life, or Melbourne for the street art and local bars?

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