Monday, 11 May 2015

New South Wales: A Guide to the Region

New South Wales is one of Australia’s most popular regions. It combines a wealth of landscapes and culture, from the bustling city streets of Sydney and the glorious sandy beaches of the coast, to the soaring scenery of the magical Blue Mountains and the picturesque landscapes of Hunter Valley.

The Big City Life of Sydney
Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is the most populated city in the entire country. It sits snug on the east coast and plays host to a rich cultural scene and a vibrant atmosphere. Surrounded by a large, natural harbour, the city’s most famous landmark is the Sydney Opera House, which boasts a flurry of architectural white sails that reflect of the blue waters.
As one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, Sydney is home to a large collection of things to do for a variety of different tastes. There’s a huge creative scene, a delicious array of restaurants, a buzzing nightlife, and a whole host of adventurous pursuits that span the coast.  
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The Bouncing Scenery of the Blue Mountains
Set just outside of Sydney, the Blue Mountains offer a contrasting landscape to busy city
life. Cafes, bars, and galleries are replaced with soaring tree-filled peaks, vast, carpeted valleys, and an unusual selection of natural wonders.
A trip through this region is akin to entering a fairytale, with a backdrop of magical waterfalls and awe-inspiring views. There’s plenty of viewing points as well as cultural centres and landmarks to soak up during a trip to the area. 
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The Hazy Heartland of the Hunter Valley
Known for its wine, the Hunter Valley is a sought after hotspot in Australia. Stretched out across a picturesque patchwork quilt of smooth fields, cute towns, and ancient vineyards, the region offers a range of activities to get stuck into. There’s wine tasting, farm shops,
adventurous activities, galleries, and a number of top-notch eateries.
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The National Parks of the North New South Wales Coast
This scenic stretch of land offers a wealth of river landscapes and a coast that’s studded with white-sand beaches. Inland, there’s a handful of national parks, including the Dorrigo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site that spans back hundreds of years. Many of these parks creep out onto the beaches, like the Yuraygir National Park, which offers a collection of coastal walks, and Fingal Bay. The area is also known for its laidback surf culture and its whale watching opportunities.

The Wild Adventures of the South New South Wales Coast
Just down the coast you can relax and kick back on the south coast, which boasts a picture-perfect landscape of cobalt-blue bays and shimmering lakes, empty, sprawling beaches, and rivers. Thanks to its array of water-based scenes, the area is popular for fishing, diving, canoeing, and boating.
The South New South Wales Coast offers plenty for animal lovers, including fur seals that can be found on Montague Island. If you’re looking for a wealth of adventure against a wild backdrop, then this is the region for you.

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