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Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road in Winter

Thousands flock to the Great Ocean Road in the summertime.  It's their chance to see the sun dance across the ocean, over the Twelve Apostles and set in the background of Port Campbell National Park.  The road is 243 kilometres that hugs the coast and is the best road trip in all of Australia.  The entire length of the road boasts some of the best views in the country, there are photo opportunities around every corner, and the local wildlife are out and about to see.  Theres no doubt this is THE place to visit in Victoria.  And every person who has taken the Great Ocean Road Tour will agree.  But majority of visitors take their trip out to the Great Ocean Road in the summer when really, winter is where its at.

Visiting the GOR during the summer is great for the sun, but winter has more advantages than you think.  For one, tourists.  They are basically nonexistent during these months.  This means more time to take fantastic photos, more one-on-one time with your guide, and no lines!  Thats worth going in
winter alone  Its a win-win situation. 

Another reason to do a Great Ocean Road Tour in the winter is the weather.  Yes, the weather.  Just because its winter doesnt mean its going to be snowing.  Winter months on the Great Ocean Road can be windy, but they are rarely wet.  What this means is that it doesnt rain as much, giving you a dry tour where you can enjoy the ruggedness of the south coast in all its roaring glory. 

Speaking of wind, thats another advantage to seeing the Great Ocean Road in winter.  The strong winds on the southern sea really showcase the strength and power of the ocean with its huge crashing waves and rising tides.  Watching the ferocious waves crash hard on to the sea shore with its pounding sound makes you realise how big of an impact the oceans strength has in the development and erosion of the coast.

But of all the advantages of doing a Great Ocean Road Tour in the winter is the whales!  Whales migrate this time of year from Antartica and are continuously seen breaching the water along the Great Ocean Road.  The most popular whale sighted is the Humpback, who are always making their way around Apollo Bay and onwards.  Winter is a great time to visit, and doing a Great Ocean Road Tour in these months is completely worth it.

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