Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Melbourne’s Best Outdoor Cinemas for Summer

As summer sets in in Melbourne, locals and visitors flock to the outdoors eager to soak up the sunshine. Luckily, the city puts on a great selection of outdoor cinemas during the warmer months so you can still enjoy your favourite films while being outside.

Here are some of the best to enjoy on your Melbourne tours.

1.    Sunset Cinema
Sunset Cinema is the newest outdoor cinema in the city. It was first debuted at Gasworks Parkland before moving to its current location. It’s not a first-timer, though, and has hosted events in Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane already.

2.    Lido’s Rooftop Cinema
For a film-viewing with a difference, head to the Lido’s Rooftop Cinema, where you can watch classic films like Star Wars and James Bond as well as popular art house flicks. While you sit back with your headset on, you can take in the stunning views across Hawthorn, tuck into some local wine and craft beers, and eat vegan popcorn.

3.    Moonlight Cinema
This is perhaps the most well-known outdoor cinema in Melbourne. Set inside the stunning confines of the city’s Royal Botanic Gardens, it promises viewers a picturesque backdrop to watch all their favourite films against. Spread out your picnic rug before the film begins, and keep your eyes peeled for the mass flight of bats that takes place at twilight.

4.    Cameo Outdoor Cinema
Every summer, Belgrave’s famous Cameo Cinemas hosts an outdoor experience for film-lovers, bringing viewers a mix of epic blockbusters and cultural art house films. Set amongst the sprawling expanse of the Dandenong Ranges, it’s the perfect place to catch a flick with friends. The venue opens an hour before the film starts, giving you the chance to soak up the views uninterrupted.

5.    Coburg Drive-In
Turn back time to the 1950s and head to the Coburg Drive-In, where you can rock up in your ride and watch the showing at your leisure. If you get peckish, you can pick up your food from the on-site retro diner which takes orders vide text message, so you don’t have to move a muscle while you watch.
Melbourne’s outdoor cinemas are a stalwart part of summer living in the city, promising locals and visitors the chance to see their favourite films (and ones they haven’t seen) against incredible backdrops in the Australian sunshine.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Tour of the Week: Food and Wine Delights McLaren Vale Tour $109

The McLaren Vale promises visitors a rich cultural experience filled with delicious wine and food, and our McLaren Vale Tours $109 give you the chance to experience it in all its sumptuous glory. 
Throughout our Adelaide wine tours, you’ll be exposed to the stunning valleys that carve through the region, as well as the mesmerizing coastline of Port Noarlunga. Here, you can marvel at the pristine sands and the shallow, turquoise waters. But it’s the vineyards that are the most important part of this tour. 

All around the Vale, there are ancient wineries and historic chateaus that serve up local flavours and delicious treats. 

Port Noarlunga
On the way to McLaren Vale, we’ll stop off in Port Noarlunga, where you can gaze out at the views over St Vincent. While in the area, we’ll take a quick stop at the McLaren Vale Visitor Centre, where you can have a complimentary tea and cake to fuel the rest of the morning. 

Wirra Wirra
We’ll then weave our way through the stunning landscape of the Vale, passing colonial houses and cruising through green velvet valleys before we stop off at Wirra Wirra. This popular winery is home to the Church Block Label, a flavour you’ll get to sample before we tuck into a seasonal, local lunch at Red Poles. 

After lunch, we move on to d’Arenberg, one of the most famous wineries in the whole of Australia. At the on-site Stables Wine Immersion Centre, you’ll have the chance to try a tasting selection of the wine while enjoying the mesmerizing views from d’Arry’s Verandah. This is one of the oldest wineries in the region, so you’ll be able to soak up the centuries-old history as you explore. 

On our way to Glenelg we’ll stop off at McLaren Vale’s main street. Here, you can enjoy some more wine at one of the many cafes or bars, grab a coffee, or browse the artisan shops that line the road. When we reach Glenelg, you’ll get to explore this charming seaside town with its picturesque jetty and local shops before we head back into Adelaide by bus or by the Glenelg Tram (at your own expense). This is where your day of exploring the wine and food of McLaren Vale will unfortunately come to an end. 
Hopefully you’ll have picked up a souvenir or two to remind you of your cultural day in the country .

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The 2016 Myer Windows

Every year, as the festive season rolls around, Myer’s decorates their windows in a beautiful display of Christmas joy. The Myer Windows are now in their 61st year and are routinely enjoyed by around 1.2 million locals and international visitors every single year – they really are a stalwart part of Australian festive cheer. If you find yourself taking a Melbourne city tour this year, be sure to stop by and admire the magical scene that plays out. 
The windows themselves are located on the front of Myer Melbourne in the Bourke Street Mall. 

This year, the incredible Christmas windows display scenes from the children’s book “One Christmas Eve”, by Corinne Fenton and illustrator Marjorie Crosby-Fairall. 

Presenting the story in a charming way, the windows tell the story of main character Bella on Christmas Eve in 1968 as she takes a trip to see her grandparents in St Kilda for a traditional Australia Christmas barbecue. 

Afterwards, Bella’s grandfather takes her to Luna Park, where she takes a ride on the magical carousel. As she jumps aboard her horse and lets her imagination run wild, she begins to daydream about her majestic steed taking her up, up, up into the sky and exploring Melbourne from above.

When she’s above the clouds, she bumps into Santa and his reindeers – every child’s Christmas fantasy. Once the carousel ride comes to an end, Bella is brought back down to ground and heads back to her grandparents. 

On Christmas Day, Bella unwraps a rocking horse hand-carved for her by her grandfather – it almost identically resembles the majestic horse she rode on the carousel the day before. 

This year’s display is just as magical as the previous years, bringing the joy of Christmas to life through another local story. Each window features 3D adaptions of some of the city’s iconic sites, including Luna Park where the book takes place, and the display as a whole boasts more than 10,000 festoon lights, 5,000 miniature figurines, and took more than 30 artists and 17,000 hours to make. 

You can visit the Myer Melbourne Windows every day throughout the Christmas period. They are open from 7.30am each day, with the last show taking place at 1am. The display is up until the 5th January and, while there, you can do a spot of Christmas shopping in the Giftorium to continue the festive cheer.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Tour of the Week: Great Ocean Road Sunset Express $88

The Great Ocean Road is a must-visit for anyone in Australia. Spanning a wild and rugged coastline and home to charming villages, impressive natural landmarks, and incredible beaches, it has something for everyone.

With its collection of natural wonders, watching the sunset here really is a spectacular experience, and we give you the chance to soak it all in on our Great Ocean Road Sunset Express $88. We’ll take you to all the major landmarks and share the most fascinating stories from this part of the country.


After we leave Melbourne, we travel west through Geelong, Victoria’s second largest city, and head to the quaint coastal town of Torquay. On the way, we’ll make a stop at the impressive Memorial Arch, where you can take some photos and learn more about the history of this region. We will then visit the Great Ocean Road’s newest attraction, The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie for some tasty treats.

Kennett River

Next, we head to Kennett River, but not before we stop off in the scenic coastal towns of Lorne and Anglesea. When we reach Kennett River, you’ll have the chance to spot some native Australian wildlife, like koalas and a variety of colourful bird species. While here, we’ll take a quick break to enjoy a complimentary picnic lunch.

Otway Rainforest

We’ll then travel through the Otway Rainforest, where you can see some of the biggest Eucalyptus trees in the whole of Australia, before we move on to the Twelve Apostles.

Sunset at the Twelve Apostles

The highlight of the tour is viewing the sunset at the Twelve Apostles, where you can watch the landscape sink into darkness. The unique limestone stacks form the perfect backdrop to watch the sunset against.

We’ll also take you to see the Shipwreck Coast, where you can learn more about the tragic tales that fill the area, and to the Loch Ard Gorge, one of the most prominent natural wonders on the Great Ocean Road.

Our Great Ocean Road Sunset tour is one of the best ways to explore the region, exposing you to the coastline’s magnificent natural scenery and sharing the fascinating history and stories that have shaped it into the landmark it is today. You’ll get lunch included and a knowledgeable guide to take you along the route, who will share insights with you and be able to answer any questions you might have.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Grab a Treat at the Food Truck Park

Melbourne is, without a doubt, a foodie’s delight. From international restaurants that are world-famous, to local, family-run businesses that champion local ingredients and seasonal flavours, there is something for every palette in this vibrant, cultural city – something around every corner and down every laneway.

Many visitors on a Melbourne City tour will be exposed to the delicious flavours of the city, getting to try some of the seasonal produce and unique dishes that characterize the city.

The Food Truck Park is the perfect place to head if you’re looking for a more authentic experience with food in the city. This is the home of street food on four wheels, boasting an area of pop-up food trucks that waft delicious smells all around the surrounding area. Found right in the heart of the city, this food extravaganza gives you the chance to tuck into all sorts of flavours from around the world.

The 80 Collins Pop Up is one of the current events underway at The Food Truck Park, and a must-visit if you’re a foodie in the area. It brings a new lineup of delicious snacks and dishes to punters every single day, meaning no meal will be the same, even if you visit day in, day out.

Surrounding the food trucks, there are drinks venues, seating, and entertainment, making it the perfect place to go if you’re looking to meet friends and have a relaxing evening.

The Food Truck Park is open right from breakfast, where you can pick up a bite to eat to fuel your day, to evening, boasting a range of stalls that provide the perfect meal for lunch and dinner.

The catch? The pop-up is only there for a limited amount of time, so snap up some delicious treats while you can and make the most of this fun, foodie experience.

The Food Truck Park is, without a doubt, one of the most unique event spaces across the whole of Australia. Edgy and vibrant stalls have gathered together to serve up a range of treats to hungry attendees, but there is also a lively roster of entertainment events and performances to keep you busy while you eat.

If you find yourself on the hunt for a quirky eating experience while you’re in Melbourne, make sure you visit The Food Truck Park and treat yourself to a delicious meal or two.