Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Stay overnight in Cape Tribulation – Daintree Rainforest Tours

The Daintree Rainforest is one of Queensland’s most beautiful landscapes, and one of Australia’s most diverse regions. The Daintree is an exciting place to visit for locals and tourists alike. With plenty of activities, wildlife viewing, photo opportunities, and a first-hand look into a World Heritage site, you can’t beat a Daintree Rainforest Tour.

On the Daintree Rainforest Tour you will be able to experience all what the rainforest has to offer. Leaving from Cairns, your first stop is to have morning tea on the banks of the beautiful Daintree River, snap a few photos and enjoy your surroundings. After that, it’s time to find crocodiles! You board a river cruise boat with local biologist who’s an expert in the local wildlife. Here, you will be on the lookout for reptiles, birds, and those big crocs.

The adventure continues deep in the rainforest where your guide points out important flora

and fauna and you might have a chance to see a rare and endangered Cassowary in it’s natural habitat. You will then be on your way around the Marrdja Boardwalk, an hour long walk to see some of the most incredible plant life in the world. If you really want to take advantage of the Daintree Rainforest and area, you can upgrade your day trip to the two-day Daintree Rainforest Tour. Why? Because once you check in to your accommodation in Cape Tribulation, you get to try out horseback riding on the beach, kayaking or jungle surfing! This is not offered on the day trip.

The next day starts after lunch, giving you the entire morning to rest or check out the local area. The tour picks you up and takes you to the Alexandria Range for breathtaking views over the Daintree Rainforest, the coast, and the Daintree River. Don’t forget your camera for this one! It’s one of the best viewpoints in the country. When you’re done taking photos and
taking in the view, you’re taken to the beautiful Mossman Gorge where you will enjoy your afternoon tea. But don’t think that’ s it.

On the way back to Cairns, you get to take in another fantastic viewpoint overlooking the Great Barrier Reef at Rex Lookout. The tour also stops in the fishing village of Port Douglas for spectacular ocean views.

If you want to experience all that the Daintree has on offer, as well as learn from a local guide, find crocodiles, try your hand at jungle surfing, and have an overall thrilling adventure, book your Daintree Rainforest Tour now.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

TOUR OF THE WEEK: Alice Springs to Uluru

Getting to Alice Springs from anywhere in Australia is an adventure in itself. It usually takes up at least a day if you’re flying and multiple days if you’re traveling on the ground. While Alice Springs is a beautiful place to spend a few days exploring the area, majority of visitors are there for one thing; get out to Uluru. Uluru is the most famous landmark in the country, and certainly the biggest. Located six hours from Alice Springs, Uluru is a destination on its own.

Taking a Uluru to Alice Springs Tour or vice-versa has many advantages. If you have the time to take two days or more, you are going to be so happy you took the time to see the area. There are so many places to visit along the road, you’d be missing out on some of the most beautiful natural landscapes the country has to offer. Not to mention, you’d miss out on experiencing the history and culture of the land, which is extremely important to the local Aboriginal community.

With a Alice Springs to Uluru tour, you get the chance to see and experience the real

Australia. With informative local guides, you’re going to learn about the history of the land and its significance to the locals. Majority of these tours stop along the way at Kings Canyon. This beautiful site is home to one of the oldest Aboriginal communities, as well as an incredible three hour walk along the rim of the canyon 100 metres up from the ground.

The Garden of Eden is also located in Kings Canyon and provides a nice alternative to the red dirt. Like a true oasis, this spot is a wonderful natural watering hole surrounded by local and exotic plants and trees like the bonsai tree. This place is not to be missed.

Another stop is at Kata Tjuta National Park where you get to explore the area and its vast openness. It’s a great photo opportunity to show the greatness of how big Australia’s plains really are.

If you’re thinking of going from Alice Springs to Uluru and back, taking a tour is your best bet. You will be able to experience the land and the people with a local guide, get insight

on what it’s like to live in the area, and understand the significance of Uluru to the Aboriginal community. If you go alone or with a friend, you might be missing out on all the wonderful spots along the way. 

Book your Alice Springs to Uluru Tour today!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Hunter Valley and The Yarra Valley Wine Regions

Australia is well-known for its excellent production of wine, and there are numerous regions throughout the country that are dedicated to producing the finest bottles of local wine. Two of the best-loved areas are the Hunter Valley and Yarra Valley, two regions in different parts of the country that both place heavy emphasis on using the flavours, scents, and sights of the surrounding land. But which one is best for you?

The Hunter Valley Wine Region

Situated around two hour’s from Sydney, the Hunter Valley is the oldest wine-growing region in the whole of Australia, meaning it comes with a heavy dose of history and age-old culture.

Throughout the beautiful landscape, there are more than 150 wineries that produce award-winning wines year after year.

Dating back to the 1820s, the wines produced in the Hunter Valley come from different grapes. The most famous is the Hunter Valley Semillon, but there are also numerous bottles made from Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Verdelho.

As well as wine, Hunter Valley wine tours also offer an insight into local culture and other aspects of traditional Australian life. The area is known for its emphasis on fine dining, and there are plenty of top-notch restaurants and cooking schools peppered throughout the land. For the most part, you can expect to discover the local flavours of meats, cheeses, chocolates, and bread.

There are lots of activities to get stuck into in the area, too, including hot air balloon flights, helicopter rides, food and wine festivals, and music concerts. One of the oldest vineyards, the Wyndham Estate, hosts an opera every year.

Yarra Valley Wine Region

The Yarra Valley is located near Melbourne, about an hour from the bustling city. At the 

moment, there’s no public transport to the region, so it’s best 
join one of our Yarra Valley wine tours.

Whilst the Hunter Valley is known for producing Semillon, Shiraz, and Chardonnay, Yarra Valley is renowned for its production of Pinot Noir, sparkling wines, and other cool-climate varieties. The lighter temperatures in Melbourne provide a different environment for the vineyards, giving the two separate regions their own distinct flavours.

The Yarra Valley is home to less wineries than the Hunter Valley, with around 80 in its clutches, but it’s also well-known for its fresh seafood, including freshwater salmon, caviar, and trout, as well as organic fruit and veg, and locally made cheeses.

The Yarra Valley isn’t just a wine producing region, either. It has a lengthy history of making local craft beers and ciders and is home to a number of small breweries. If you’re an art lover then the Yarra Valley is perfect for you, thanks to its changing landscape that has inspired numerous artists over the years, their work now displayed in the smattering of galleries in the area. 

To experience the breathtaking scenery of both the Hunter Valley and the Yarra Valley book one of our tours today!