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TOUR OF THE WEEK: Alice Springs to Uluru

Getting to Alice Springs from anywhere in Australia is an adventure in itself. It usually takes up at least a day if you’re flying and multiple days if you’re traveling on the ground. While Alice Springs is a beautiful place to spend a few days exploring the area, majority of visitors are there for one thing; get out to Uluru. Uluru is the most famous landmark in the country, and certainly the biggest. Located six hours from Alice Springs, Uluru is a destination on its own.

Taking a Uluru to Alice Springs Tour or vice-versa has many advantages. If you have the time to take two days or more, you are going to be so happy you took the time to see the area. There are so many places to visit along the road, you’d be missing out on some of the most beautiful natural landscapes the country has to offer. Not to mention, you’d miss out on experiencing the history and culture of the land, which is extremely important to the local Aboriginal community.

With a Alice Springs to Uluru tour, you get the chance to see and experience the real

Australia. With informative local guides, you’re going to learn about the history of the land and its significance to the locals. Majority of these tours stop along the way at Kings Canyon. This beautiful site is home to one of the oldest Aboriginal communities, as well as an incredible three hour walk along the rim of the canyon 100 metres up from the ground.

The Garden of Eden is also located in Kings Canyon and provides a nice alternative to the red dirt. Like a true oasis, this spot is a wonderful natural watering hole surrounded by local and exotic plants and trees like the bonsai tree. This place is not to be missed.

Another stop is at Kata Tjuta National Park where you get to explore the area and its vast openness. It’s a great photo opportunity to show the greatness of how big Australia’s plains really are.

If you’re thinking of going from Alice Springs to Uluru and back, taking a tour is your best bet. You will be able to experience the land and the people with a local guide, get insight

on what it’s like to live in the area, and understand the significance of Uluru to the Aboriginal community. If you go alone or with a friend, you might be missing out on all the wonderful spots along the way. 

Book your Alice Springs to Uluru Tour today!

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