Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Diverse Australian Landscape

Australia boasts an eclectic mix of landscapes. Covering such a huge area, it is no wonder it is home to a vast array of stunning scenery. From the red scenes of the Outback to incredible beaches and lush rainforests, there’s a new experience to be had in every part of the country thanks to the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Australia.

The Red Centre

Perhaps the most popular part of Australia, the Red Centre is home to a whole host of the country’s most iconic landmarks. It’s here that you’ll find Uluru and the surrounding dusty red landscapes, but you’ll also stumble across some of Australia’s fascinating culture – this is the Aboriginal heartland and it is filled with ancient stories and authentic traditions.

Whilst the Red Centre is predominantly made up of stark orange scenes and desert landscapes, there are also flashes of tufty greenery and a number of incredibly surreal natural rock formations.

Cool Victorian Coastal Areas

The Victorian coastline is a sight for sore eyes. Spanning out across kilometres and kilometres, it takes in lush white sands and endlessly dazzling waters. In contrast to the arid scenes of the Red Centre, the coastal region of Victoria is a lush display of vibrant

vegetation and startling turquoise waters. Here, a road trip along the shorefront exposes you to ancient, natural landmarks, hidden coves filled with incredible marine life, and warm waters that are perfect for surfing, sailing, and swimming in.

Steamy Lush North Queensland Rainforests

To the north of Australia, lush rainforests seem to sprawl out in every direction. Where the Red Centre was stark in terms of foliage, the rainforests are the complete opposite, filled with beautiful exotic plants and an array of wildlife.

Throughout these dense areas that climb up mountains and look out over sweeping valleys,
much of Australia’s native wildlife bustles about in its natural habitat, and plenty of hiking routes take in the breath-taking panoramas and the age-old natural scenery.

Each part of Australia boasts its own scenery, meaning there is something for everyone. Whether you’re the kind of traveller who likes to hit up the beach and kick back and relax by the sea, or whether you’re in search of nature walks through ancient forests or cultural experiences in the red heart of Australia, you’ll be amazed at what the incredibly diverse landscapes of Australia have to offer.

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