Monday, 1 February 2016

Top 5 Australian Wine Regions

Wine lovers will rejoice when they arrive in Australia and learn that there are not one or two, but five wine regions in the country. And these regions aren’t small. Each region is known for a certain wine, producing the best in the country. Wine regions have also been getting quite a bit of press not for just the wine, but for the world-class hospitality and food that comes along with the exquisite wines. The top five are known world-wide for their continuous production of ‘New World’ wine.

Probably the most famous region is the Barossa Valley. Sometimes compared to Napa Valley in California, the Barossa Valley houses some of the biggest wine producers in all of Australia. Located in South, Australia, the Barossa is a premier wine destination for the beginner or the connoisseur. Their most popular varietal is the red wine Shiraz. Known around the world for its jammy like flavour and bold textures, this wine is constantly sought after. Pair that with the incredible views from the perfectly landscaped vineyards, and you have a perfect holiday.

Margaret River is located in Southwest Australia on the west coast. With over 150 wineries and some of the oldest vines in the country, Margaret River produces top-notch wine year after year. Their specialty is the white wine Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc blend. They also produce a wide variety of other wines like the classic chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet. If you hit your dates right, you might be able to experience the area’s best food and wine festival, the Gourmet Escape where thousands come from all over the world to taste the local cuisine from top-rated chefs and the best beer and wine around.

The Hunter Valley is a mere two hour drive from Sydney and is a popular getaway for city dwellers. One of the classiest regions in the country, Hunter Valley is known for its world-class hospitality, fine foods, and impressive wines. The region is most known for its chardonnay, being the first region to bottle it in the country.

The Clare Valley is also one not to be missed. A great getaway for the romantic, this wine

region is located close to the Barossa Valley. Many tours and visitors tend to visit both regions, getting the best of both worlds. The Clare Valley is known for its local produce and sensational restaurants and cafes.

Whether you’ve never had a glass of wine or you are part of a wine club, each wine region in Australia has something for everyone. If wine doesn’t sound nice, the beautiful view and food will change your mind. 

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