Thursday, 11 February 2016

Tour of the Week – 4 Day Rock to Rock

Our Uluru and Kings Canyon Tours take you through some of the most spectacular scenery in Australia, where you can soak up the rich red of the country’s most famous landmark, and revel in the fascinating culture and history of the region. This 4-day tour gives you the chance to really delve into the ancient stories that unravel around rustic monoliths and get to know the vibrant culture that has imbued the landscape for thousands of years.

The highlight of the tour is Uluru, Australia’s most beloved natural monument that rises in sunset red from the depths of the desert. With an ancient mythology circling its heady heights, and a collection of colourful bird species nesting in its many crevices, there’s so much to explore in this region. As well as natural wonders, the tour also takes you to the

Aboriginal Cultural Centre where you can learn more about the heritage of the region and pick up a souvenir.

Perhaps the most magical moment, though, is when we watch the sunset over Uluru. As she turns from vibrant orange to dusty pink, you’ll get to experience a sight that not many people get to experience in a lifetime.

Kata Tjuta is also a major hotspot on our 4-day rock to rock tour. Here, you’ll have the chance to hike through the National Park, carving your way through natural canyons, visiting the high domes of the Olga’s, and exploring the Valley of the Winds.

To add another mighty natural monument to your list, we’ll head to the Kings Canyon, a

surreal landscape filled with pale sandstone cliffs with incredible views. You’ll have the chance to soak up the Garden of Eden, with its lush springs and vibrant greenery, and even explore the region from a different perspective – whether you choose a camel ride across the desert, a quad bike race, or even an incredible helicopter tour to see the region from above.

In the evenings, we’ll enjoy a delicious barbecue beneath the stars before getting to watch the beautiful sunrise cast an ethereal glow across Australia’s most spectacular region each morning. As you get to explore the magnificent silhouette of Uluru, delve into the other famous landmarks of the region, and revel in the incredible heritage in the area, you’ll be making new friends along the way, and you’ll realize that this really is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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