Thursday, 25 February 2016

Why You Should Visit Melbourne in Autumn

Melbourne in autumn is absolutely spectacular. The city bursts to life in a painted picture of rusty oranges, deep reds, and clear blue skies. The sticky heat of the summer has dissipated, leaving very pleasant temperatures that never really exceed 20 degrees.

And, to accompany the great weather and glorious colours, there are a slew of activities to enjoy in Melbourne at this time of year. Between March and May, the city hosts a range of festivals, and it is the season known for fashion, good food, and flowers.

Why Visit Melbourne in Autumn

Autumn colours in the gardens

The autumn colours are the most beautiful thing about Melbourne at this time of year, and many of the boulevards and streets are lined with crisp trees in golden hues. Combine these with the clear blue skies that dominate autumn, and you have an incredible backdrop from which to explore the city.

If you want to discover pockets of autumnal colour in Melbourne, head to one of the many gardens that are dotted around, like the Royal Botanic Gardens or the Fitzroy Gardens, or head to the Yarra Valley. There’s also the Bright Autumn Festival held in the small town of Bright just outside of Melbourne in April and May.

The Comedy Festival

If it is laughs you’re after, the Melbourne Comedy Festival has you covered. This annual event spans three weeks in the autumn and hosts a selection of world-famous comedians and shows. There is also a packed schedule of visual arts, theatre, and cabaret, making for a fun autumnal treat.

Anzac Day

Australia’s Anzac Day takes place on the 25th April every year and commemorates the Australians who have died in wars and conflicts all over the world. It is a day of celebration which sees the city come together for parades,
performances, and feasts.

Great Spots to Visit in Autumn

There are plenty of Melbourne Tours that take you around all the best attractions at this time of year.

Spots like the Melbourne Museum, the Botanic Gardens, the Aquarium, and Melbourne Zoo are all worth a visit in the city, but you can also head out of town to explore the nearby Yarra Valley, Grampians National Park, the Great Ocean Road, and Phillip Island for some breath-taking autumnal scenes. All of these hotspots are ideal for exploring at this time of year, bringing you spectacular colours and mesmerising natural views.

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