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Tour of the Week: Uluru Sunrise and Sacred Sites from Ayers Rock $120

Uluru is by far one of the most recognisable landmarks in Australia, and our Ayers Rock day tours are the perfect way to experience this natural phenomenon up close and personal.

As well as getting a glimpse of the impressive monolith, you’ll have the chance to explore the surrounding Kata Tjuta National Park, which boasts an incredible backdrop of stark dusty landscapes, native wildlife, and lush greenery.

Kata Tjuta National Park

From the park, you’ll be able to catch your first glimpse of Uluru from a distance. Once in the park, we’ll make our way to the Talinguru Nyakunytjaku where you can settle in to watch the beautiful sunrise over one of Australia’s best-loved attractions. You can watch the sky turn from an inky black to deep blue, orange, and turquoise over the sand dunes and mesmerising red desert landscape that characterises the area.

A potted history of the region

After the sun rise, we’ll make our way around Uluru so you can experience it from all angles. As we go, you’ll learn about the history of the region and discover how the monoliths were created in the first place. The fascinating heritage of Uluru and its surrounding scenery spans back more than 22,000 years, so there’s a lot to soak in.

The Olgas

As we say goodbye to Uluru, we’ll head to The Olgas, where you can admire these amazing

natural sculptures, as well as some other incredible landmarks that dot the area.

Walpa Gorge

To finish the day, we’ll head to the Walpa Gorge, where you can take stroll through the imposing cliff faces and explore that haven of plant life that exists in the shade of the Gorge away from the blazing heat of the desert sun. We’ll walk for around one hour, where you’ll get to know more about the native wildlife that calls the area home, and soak up some of Australia’s most exceptional scenery.

As you go, you’ll learn about the rare flora and fauna, and your guide will indulge you in some fascinating stories of local life in the gorge, and provide you with insights into the amazing geology of the region.

When we leave Walpa Gorge, you’ll have one last chance to soak in the views of Uluru as it fades into the distance. This incredible adventure unfortunately comes to an end, but you’ll have plenty of memories of your time watching the sunrise in this special part of Australia and getting to know the country’s most fascinating natural landmarks.

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