Monday, 23 May 2016

Know Before You Go: Winter in the Daintree Rainforest

Sitting snug in Australia’s tropical Queensland region, the Daintree Rainforest is a haven of lush scenery and an abundance of wildlife. The landscapes here are second to none, with swathes of velvet forests blending seamlessly with the sparkling coastline which eventually reaches out to the Great Barrier Reef.

The tropical climate of this area means it is best to visit during the winter months, when the weather is drier and the temperatures are more bearable. When visiting between June and September (essentially the low season), you can expect temperatures to hover at a very reasonable 25 C.

Though temperatures are relatively steady at this time of year, there is always a chance they could rise, so pack lightly. There is far less rainfall during this time, so you’ll be able to explore everything the rainforest has to offer without having a washout experience.

Keeping Cool

Despite the temperatures being lower in the winter months than the summer months, it’s still incredibly warm. Even when it’s overcast you need to keep yourself protected from the harsh Australian sun. Pack sunscreen, a hat, and mosquito repellant to keep any pesky bugs at bay. It’s best to keep your legs covered as, when the weather is cooler, the canopies find themselves home to all sorts of bugs and mites.

Even so, there are no poisonous species that reside here – but do keep an eye out for spiders and other huge bugs that may well be bigger than your hand.

Plan in Advance

Winter is low season in Australia but, because it is the most popular time to enjoy the Daintree Rainforest, you’ll want to make your travel arrangements in advance. There are so
many things to do in the area, from exploring the trails of wildlife in the forest itself to discovering the beauty of Mossman Gorge and relaxing on the golden sands at Cape Tribulation.

Create your itinerary in advance and plan how you’ll get there and around before you go. This will help you make the most of the cooler temperatures and the abundance of wildlife on offer. It also means you’ll be able to avoid the potential crowds that might gather at this time of year and get to see the lush rainforest and its surrounding regions at your own pace.

Winter really is the best time to head to Daintree. The temperatures are cooler than summer, there’s less rain, and there are more animal encounters to be had. 

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Tour of the Week: Barossa Valley & Hahndorf Wine Tour $99

The Barossa Valley is by far one of the most spectacular wine regions in the whole of Australia. Boasting a landscape of lush wineries, picturesque villages, and swathes of glorious greenery, it is the perfect place to relax and soak up the charm of Australia.

Our Barossa Valley tours give you the chance to explore all of this and more, taking you back to the 19th century via the stone cottages and Lutheran churches that are still standing from the arrival of the German settlers – an important part of the region’s rich history.

The Whispering Wall
On the first stop outside of Adelaide, we’ll check out the Whispering Wall, a 9-story high dam that plays out surreal acoustics with the help of the water.

Chateau Yaldera

Next, we’ll head on to our first winery. You may well recognise this chateau, as it is one of the most photographed buildings in Southern Australia. We’ll stop here so you can take some of your own snapshots before sampling some of the local wine and marvelling at the incredible views.

Jacobs Creek

Though it is known for its wine, Jacobs Creek is also a beautiful creek that snakes its way through the heart of the valley. Alongside it, we’ll stop off at Tanunda, a cute township with a handful of artisan shops and stylish cafes.

Local Produce Lunch

A trip to the Barossa Valley wouldn’t be complete without a local produce lunch. We’ll head to the Peter Lehmann Winery, where you can tuck into a hearty array of meats, cheeses, and freshly baked bread.


Once refuelled, we’ll move on to the oldest Shiraz winery in the world, where you can sample the rich flavours and check out the views at the Mengler’s Hill Lookout. From here,
you can soak up the sweeping views of the valley before we make our way to the iconic Seppeltsfield Winery where you’ll have the chance to try the local flavours.

Murray Street Vineyards

The day comes to and end at Murray Street Vineyards where, once again, you can sample some of the local tipple and grill Andrew Seppelt, a celebrity in the winemaking world in Australia, about the winemaking process.

Filled with wine and good food, we’ll head back through the stunning countryside of the valley back to Adelaide, where the day of touring and tasting unfortunately comes to an end.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Tour of the Week: Adelaide City Tour $49

Adelaide boasts a rich cultural history and a stunning backdrop. Bringing together an eclectic mishmash of local restaurants, a lively bar scene, several stand-out art institutions, and a collection of great beaches to boot, it is the ideal place to while away a morning during your time in Australia.

With our Half Day Adelaide City Tour, you can get to know everything about this beautiful place, marvel at impressive buildings, and stroll through colourful gardens. If that wasn’t enough, Adelaide is also a hub for wine making, so you can sample some of the delicious local flavours.

Learn About Adelaide’s Heritage

Adelaide has a fascinating history that is imbued in its buildings and local landscape. During the morning, we’ll take you through the picturesque streets, pointing out well-known landmarks and letting you in on some of the city’s more interesting stories. There’s plenty to see around town, and we’ll take you to Victoria Square, which plays out a classic Adelaide scene.

Here, you can kick back and relax, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of the square and indulge in some people watching.

Foodie Delights

Afterwards, we’ll head to Gouger Street, which is known as Adelaide’s restaurant hot spot. There are tonnes of eateries to check out, as well as the city’s very own Chinatown.

Natural Scenery

Though it is a large, lively city, Adelaide is also home to some beautiful natural scenery. We’ll take you to a selection of parkland that stretches out across the city, including lush botanical gardens boasting exotic flora, and bushland home to some of the city’s most fascinating wildlife.

Ogle the Architecture

Adelaide has some of the most stunning architecture in Australia, and we’ll expose you to some of the most impressive buildings on this tour. We’ll take you to see Parliament House,
the magnificent State Library, Trinity Church, and St. Peter’s Cathedral. As we walk, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the opulent stately homes that line the streets of the city.

Haigh’s Chocolates

After a morning spent walking, we’ll stop off at Haigh’s Chocolates, where you can grab a complimentary tea or coffee and refuel. There’s a great selection of chocolates to tuck into here, too, and we’ll take a tour of the factory so you can learn more about how it is made.

To finish, we’ll explore the Terraces, the banks of the River Torrens, and marvel at the exceptional views from Colonel Light’s Lookout – the perfect way to end a wonderful day.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Things to do on your Adelaide Getaway

 Adelaide is a vibrant hub of culture and stunning scenery. Between the great selection of art galleries and the burgeoning bar scene, there is plenty to get stuck into during your Adelaide tours.

So, what can you do there?

Visit the Lane way Bars

Adelaide’s laneways are a popular part of the city, where tourists and locals head to drink and dine the day away. Old warehouses and traditional shops have been turned into an eclectic selection of bars and restaurants that serve up everything you could think of – from tapas and local Australian food, to Serbian cuisine and colourful cocktails.

Animal Spotting

Australia is a hub for animal lovers, and Adelaide’s Zoo is the perfect place to head to get up close and personal with native wildlife. It is home to almost 2000 animals, including favourites like kangaroos and koalas.

Get Arty

Adelaide is quickly becoming a huge arty hub thanks to its great collection of galleries. Along the North Terrace, one of the city’s most opulent boulevards, there are a number of institutions to check out. There’s the Art Gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum, and the Botanic Gardens, for those looking for an outdoor arty adventure.

Head for the Hills

There are numerous Adelaide City tours that take you just outside of the city to the surrounding Adelaide Hills. Here, you can soak up the peaceful atmosphere in a stunning setting, as well as sample some of the local food and check out a selection of winemakers that characterize the area.

Get Your Food On

Adelaide is a great destination for food lovers. If you’re looking to sample some local flavours, hotfoot it to Adelaide’s Central Market, which serves up an outstanding collection of fresh produce. Think fresh fruit, vegetables, organic meats, artisan cheeses, and a never-
ending supply of seafood. There are plenty of opportunities to sample the food on offer, or you can sit back and relax with a coffee and watch the bustle unfold around you.

Kick Back at the Beach

If you’re looking to relax, Adelaide’s beaches are the places to go. There is popular Glenelg, which boasts a vibrant backdrop, Henley and Grange, with old wooden piers and lively beachside cafes, as well as numerous others to enjoy.

However you choose to explore Adelaide, be prepared to get to know a colourful city that has lots to offer.