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Barossa Valley

6 Reasons to Visit the Barossa Valley

For wine-lovers and culture-vultures, the Barossa Valley offers a haven of vineyards, foodie delights, and stunning natural scenery. Sprawling out in a patchwork quilt of lush fields, vintage cellar doors, and country farmhouses, it has a little something for everyone.

Barossa Valley Wine Tours tend to be the main lure for visitors, but there are so many other elements to enjoy in the region, from foodie delights and fresh farmer’s markets, to beautiful lookout points and quaint villages.

1. Farmer’s Markets

Every Saturday, crowds pool into Barossa’s local farmer’s market where they can pick up fresh, local produce and browse stalls piled high with homemade jams, cured meats, and creamy cheeses. It is the perfect place to stock up for a picnic, or to simply sample some of Barossa’s best-loved flavours.

2. Have a Picnic

With the produce you pick up from the farmer’s market, you’ll have everything you need for an afternoon picnic. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to lay your blanket down in and tuck into a delicious snack amongst the beautiful scenery.

3. Local Butchers

For meat lovers, Barossa Valley provides a delectable selection of cuts in a variety of different butchers. The region boasts a rich German heritage, which means there are plenty of flavours to enjoy.

4. Brilliant Bakeries

If you’re more of a sweet treat lover, then Barossa’s collection of sumptuous bakeries has you covered. Throughout the rolling hills and quaint towns, there are numerous family-run bakeries that offer visitors freshly baked bread and pastries.

5. Wine Tasting

A trip to the Valley wouldn’t be complete without embarking on Barossa wine tours. With so many vineyards to explore, you can sample a selection of local flavours and learn more
about the age-old winemaking process. Here, you can check out big-names like the Jacobs Creek Winery and discover why wine is such a big part of Barossa’s heritage.

6. Foodie Delights

And, to go with your wine, there are plenty of delicious foodie delights to tuck into in the Barossa Valley. There is a rich cuisine culture here, which is made up of numerous local restaurants serving traditional Australian dishes as well as some more international offerings. The smattering of farm shops provides you with the chance to pick up some local flavours for yourself, including homemade pates at Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop and chunky wheels of cheese at the Barossa Valley Cheese Company.

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