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Great Barrier Reef

Tour of the Week: Great Barrier Reef Cruise Deluxe $195

The Great Barrier reef is by far one of the most mesmerising places in the country. Covering 2,300 kilometres of fascinating ecosystem, it is home to some of Australia’s most incredible scenery and an abundance of colourful marine life. Our Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Tour and our Great Barrier Reef diving tour give you the chance to get up close and personal with the landscape and get to know the habitats of the creatures who live here.
Modern Catamaran

The tour takes place on a modern, speedy catamaran, which provides you with a comfortable and stylish way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. We’ll get you out onto the reef in just over an hour, so you can get stuck straight into exploring the under water world.

Hearty Breakfast

As we make our way out into the reef, you’ll get to tuck into a hearty breakfast that’ll set you
up for the day. We’ll serve up platters of fruit alongside BBQ egg and bacon rolls and a couple of vegetarian offerings.

Learn How to Snorkel and Dive

On route, your knowledgeable dive and snorkel instructor will brief you on the equipment and what you can expect from diving in the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll also have a safety briefing at this time and a short marine biology presentation where you’ll learn more about the amazing ecosystem.

A Selection of Reefs

We’ll decide on the day which reefs are the best to visit depending on the conditions. A few of our favoured spots include Hastings Reef, Breaking Patches, Norman Reef, and Saxon Reef. Each one offers its own eclectic scenery, but they all offer exceptional snorkelling and

diving sites with a fascinating range of underwater creatures.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Before you take your first dive or dip into the ocean, we’ll take you on a glass bottomed boat tour where you can admire the underwater world from above sea level. After this, it’s time to take your first dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

A Refueling Lunch

Lunch will be served on board the boat, where you can tuck into platters of BBQ food and salad. We’ll then move on to the second dive site where you can once again get to know the beautiful world of the Great Barrier Reef. On the way back to Cairns, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular landscape. Then, unfortunately, it is time for the day to come to an end.

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