Monday, 8 August 2016

2 Day Blue Mountains Trip $279

If you’re visiting Sydney and you’ve already enjoyed a tour through the city, and seen all that it has to offer, then why not get in touch with nature as you’re transported through the incredible Blue Mountain National Park, just 2 hours out of Sydney. The best way to experience all that the park has to offer is to take a weekend off and enjoy a 2-day tour which will take you to the park’s best attractions.

Blue Mountain National Park is an expansive 270 000 hectare piece of land which is home to cascading waterfalls and luscious valleys full of Blue Gums. From the cliffside trails overlooking the land to the spacious caverns and iconic rock formations, this park showcases the beauty of the country admirably. During a visit, you will have a chance to see some spectacular birdlife, including the King Parrot and the Yellow Tailed Cockatoo and if you’re lucky, you may even catch sight of the reclusive Duck-Billed Platypus.

The Jenolan Caves in Blue Mountain Park are possibly Australia’s most incredible caves, you’ll have the chance to explore the magnificent caverns from the comfort of a series of
walkways that spread throughout the well-lit cave. The guide will explain the wonders of the rock formations and the marine fossils that have been found in the limestone walls of the cavern, adding an interesting paleontological aspect to the tour. At the entrance of the cave, you may spot a wild kangaroo or wallaby, which is just a small example of the plentiful wildlife in this park.

There is an endless supply of exciting attractions and breathtaking scenery inside Blue Mountain National Park, so many in fact that it may be difficult to see it all on your own. The very best way to experience this park in all it’s glory is by this guided 2-day tour, which will take you to all the park’s most popular attractions and set you up for the night in the comfort of the award winning Katoomba YHA. You’ll also be taken to the incredible Featherdale National park, where you can get up close and personal with a variety of Australia’s most iconic animals, including the kangaroo,
wallaby, koala and even the wombat. On the outskirts of Sydney, this is a great place to kickstart your trip with a fun and exciting activity before you’re transported off to the Blue Mountain National Park.

For only $279 this is the perfect way to spend your weekend with an authentic Australian experience in one of the country’s most staggeringly beautiful parks.

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