Thursday, 11 August 2016

Sydney in the Winter: 6 ways to warm your body this winter

As the frigid air of winter sets in on Sydney from June to August, the temperature does nothing to hinder the streets from breathing life into the city. So even though it’s cold outside, there is still a multitude of things to do to keep your warm during Australia’s winter months. Though the temperatures average between about 8-16°C, there are plenty of attractions to take your mind off the chill in the air.

Blue Mountains National Park

On a guided tour to Blue Mountain, you will be able to warm your body with a hike on the many trails throughout the park, allowing you to see the view at it’s very best in the clear winter air. You’ll also be able to see some of Australia’s amazing and diverse wildlife, including the kangaroo, wallaby and if you’re really lucky you may even catch sight of the shy duck-billed platypus.

Vivid Sydney

This is an annual lights festival that takes place during late May to June, it is the largest of its kind in the world and boasts some of the very best and brightest light installations and projections. This festival floods the streets of Sydney with an upbeat atmosphere as music performances and creative idea debates can be heard throughout the city’s main neighbourhoods. The beautiful light that Vivid Sydney emits is more than enough to break the winter chill.

Sydney Film Festival

This Film Festival takes place in mid-June and displays the best works from local and international filmmakers. You’ll have the chance to become part of Sydney’s film community by attending this 60-year-old festival. With a great atmosphere and amazing short films, documentaries and even animations to entertain everyone, the Sydney Film Festival is not to be missed!

Bondi Beach

Bondi’s beach offers you the unique opportunity to get into the winter spirit and warm your body simultaneously at Australia’s only beachside ice rink. Since it's outdoors and is open after dark, you’ll have the chance to glide across the ice under the stars. But Bondi’s charm does not end there, from the glittering ice rink to the sandy beach, you’ll be able to mount a camel and enjoy the beautiful view from a whole new perspective. Book a Sydney City Tour and experience beautiful Bondi.

Whale Watching

Cruise along Australia’s eastern shore aboard a custom-built whale watching vessel as you witness the majesty of the migrating Humpback and Southern Right Whales passing Sydney’s coastline. The experience of watching these incredibly large whales breach and even jump out of the cold waters of the South Pacific Ocean is something that is sure to
make your winter in Sydney unforgettable.

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting

The very best way to warm your body is from the inside as you take a sip of Hunter Valley’s premium quality wines. Join a wine tasting tour to visit one of the region’s 150 different wineries, which offer you the chance to enjoy your winter in style as you treat your taste buds to the comprehensive range of wines.

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