Friday, 2 September 2016

McGuigan Winery - A tour of Hunter Valley’s finest vineyards

Experiencing Australia’s Hunter Valley in its entirety in a single day is next to impossible, but that certainly does not mean that you won’t be able to spend a full day enjoying the very best that this famous wine region has to offer. Although, with over 120 different wineries and a multitude of vineyards the task of choosing where to go can become a difficult one.

Fortunately, the Hunter Valley Tours has compiled all the greatest attractions in the region to ensure that you don’t miss a single thing. One of the very best wineries in the entire region is known as McGuigan Winery, and with premium quality wines and delicious gourmet meals, it’s small wonder that it has such a great reputation. McGuigan is the only winery on the planet to have won the ‘World’s Best Winemaker’ award a total of 3 times, which is a true indicator of its sterling reputation.

The grounds of this incredible winery will be the first stop on your tour, where you
will have the exciting opportunity to get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how the wine is made from the experts. You will be taken through the process of winemaking from the very beginning, learning about each fascinating step that takes place to get the wine from the vine to the bottle. Once your hunger for knowledge has been quenched, you’ll have the chance to step into McGuigan Winery’s cellar door, the wonderful atmosphere will envelop you as you walk from barrel to barrel tasting a variety of wines, from red, to white, to sparkling. The grounds of this winery radiate a peaceful class that will be evident wherever you are, from the sweeping lawns and rolling hills of the vineyards to the sleek rooms inside, there is no doubt that your time here will be the highlight of your trip.

Once you’ve enjoyed the magnificence of the McGuigan wines, you’ll be taken to the Cypress Lakes Resort for a delicious lunch, this luxurious resort is the perfect place to take a quick break on this amazing tour. The Hunter Valley Tour will then
take you to Drayton’s Family Wines, one of the first wineries to be built in the area winemaking has been the family business for many generations. After this you will stop at Wynwood Estate for another cellar door experience, the delectable wines here will be the perfect ending to a full day in the Hunter Valley region.

There is no doubt that the Hunter Valley Tours are the perfect way to experience this amazing region at its very best.

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