Friday, 16 September 2016

Tour of the Week: 4 Day Ayers Rock and Surrounds Rock to Rock $390 - A journey through Australia’s famous outback

Drinking in the immense beauty of Ayers Rock in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is not something that can be done in a few hours or even a day. To truly quench your thirst for this magnificent landscape you need to spend an evening or two, this way you will be able to wake up to the breathtaking monolith as it is bathed in the warmth of morning.

The problem with Ayers rock is what an incredibly remote location it is, hundreds of kilometres away from any major cities or towns, this means that planning a trip here can be a difficult task, to say the least. What’s more is that the vast area surrounding the rock itself is just as beautiful, with many hidden natural treasures just waiting to be discovered. Fortunately, the 4 Day Tour from Uluru, Kings Canyon $390 will provide you with the perfect tour of this wonderful rock and the surrounding areas.

What few people realise is that Ayers Rock is not the only exciting attraction in this wondrous national park and it is, in fact, surrounded by some truly incredible
sights and scenes that live up to the mighty example that Uluru has set. From the glistening waterholes around the base of the rock to the magnificent King’s Canyon nearby, there are a wealth of spectacular views to take in, and this tour will bring you to the very best sites that the national park has on display. After enjoying the rusty red rock set ablaze by the fiery setting sun with champagne in hand, you can settle in for the night and prepare for day 2.

Starting out your next day on a high note you will rise with the sun and watch as it ascends above Ayers Rock, a truly picturesque scene. From the towering cliffs of Uluru to the sweeping curves and folds of the Valley of the Winds you will set out on an unforgettable hike that will take you to some of the park’s scenic hotspots. Though it may be a challenging hike, it will be well worth as you pass between the great canyons and carved domes of Olga’s rock formations. By the time your day comes to a close you will have worked up a mighty appetite which will be satisfied with a sizzling barbeque before bed.

The third day of your 4 Day Tour from Uluru, Kings Canyon $390 will take you on a path known as the Rim Walk that will lead you around the spectacular sights of King’s Canyon. To seek relief from the hot sun you will descend into the valley below, where you will find yourself walking through the Garden of Eden, a lush
oasis in this arid landscape that provides cool shade and clear water and the perfect resting point for your adventure. You’ll have the chance to enjoy one final night in this beautiful park under the glittering Milky Way as you camp out in the garden’s hidden campsite.

To view Ayers Rock from a distance is one thing, but to get up close and personal with the rock and the landscape around it is another thing entirely, this tour is not to be missed.

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