Monday, 5 September 2016

TOUR OF THE WEEK: Sydney Harbour Tour - Visiting the City’s Top Attractions

Australia is a country filled to the brim with many great cities, from Darwin in the north, to Adelaide in the south, but among all of these amazing destinations, Sydney stands out as one of the very best.

With a seemingly endless number of activities and sights in and around Sydney to choose from, you’re sure to have your schedule packed to bursting point just to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Since not everyone is cut out for planning itinerary’s though, the Sydney Harbour Luncheon Sydney Attractions Package $190 will take you to some of the very best spots throughout the city, allowing for you to have an authentic Aussie experience.

A trip to Sydney would not be complete without doing a bit of sightseeing first, and since the city’s skyline is graced with many spectacular buildings, you’re certainly in the right place for that! I a district called ‘The Rocks’ you will find yourself standing at the edge of the amazing Sydney Harbour Bridge, this staggeringly large structure sets a grand silhouette against the bright skies of New South Wales. A walk along this bridge will provide you with unforgettable views of the surrounding city including catching a glimpse of the world renowned, iconic arches of the Sydney Opera House.

Once you’ve enjoyed some of the incredible sights that the area has to offer,  you’ll be able to get started exploring the rocks and finding out more about the birth of this wonderful city in Sydney’s oldest district. The historical significance of this region is evident at first glance, from the many museums and historical landmarks, you are sure to be transported to an age very many years ago. After
a journey through time, you can walk through the fresh air of Hyde Park, Australia’s oldest existing park. The peaceful atmosphere of this 16.5-hectare park is the perfect tranquil haven, allowing you to escape the rush and bustle of the city around you and take a moment to enjoy the nature. From the trees to the open sandy stretches of Bondi Beach, you will be able to enjoy some fun in the sun as you stroll along one of Sydney’s most famous beaches.

All of this seems like a great deal to do in one day, but taking the Sydney Harbour Luncheon Sydney Attractions Package $190 will ensure that you have an incredible day exploring the best parts of Sydney.

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