Friday, 14 October 2016

Things to Do During Summer in Melbourne

Summer is almost here, which means its time to get outside and enjoy everything Melbourne has to offer at this sunny, creative time of year. Temperatures are hot, hot, hot, while the days draw out long and sunny, giving you plenty of time to get stuck into everything Melbourne city tours have to offer.

So what can you get up to during the summer months?

The Summer Night Market

Every year, this lively market descends upon the city each Wednesday evening between November and March, providing visitors with the chance to browse stalls filled with delicious seasonal finds and homemade goodies. Grab a few friends and head down there as the sun sets to see what bargains you can find – or simply grab a drink and watch the world go by.

The Australian Open

Even if you’re not a sports fan, the Australian Open brings a fun atmosphere to the city every
summer. As well as plenty of games to watch, there are lots of live performances, games, food, and bars at the Australian Open Festival which takes place along the banks of the Yarra River.

The Sunset Series

The Fitzroy Gardens come to life over two weekends in summer, where the park is taken over by live music acts catering to a diverse crowd. Pack a picnic and enjoy the laidback atmosphere against the backdrop of an incredible Australian summer sunset.

Walk it Off

One of the best ways to explore Melbourne in summer is to simply take a walk and allow yourself to get lost down the narrow streets. Stop off at cafes for a cold drink and laze around in the Botanic Gardens in the afternoon, or go graffiti hunting before the sun sets.

White Night

White Night is one of the most creative events in Melbourne’s calendar. For one night only, the city turns into a display of vibrant lights, culture, and creativity, as galleries and museums open their doors late and artists showcase their work in parks, workshops, and on the streets. Expect lots of music and dancing to accompany the visual delights at one of the city’s hottest cultural events.

Melbourne in summer is a delight, with plenty to see and do for everyone. Whether you’re looking to discover the cultural side of the city, or simply want to kick back and relax with some live music and seasonal nibbles, the city has you covered.

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