Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tour of the Week: The Evening Penguin Parade Tour $96

The Penguin Parade on Phillip Island is one of the best-loved animal encounters in the whole of Australia. Each evening, the colony of Little Penguins that occupy the shores waddle their way up the beach to bed down for the night after a long day spent fishing and frolicking in the waves.

Our Penguin Parade Tour let’s you watch the action unfold up close, giving you the chance to see these cute critters in person and learn more about their fascinating habitat, behavior, and history on Phillip Island.

San Remo

On the way to Phillip Island, we pass the picturesque fishing village of San Remo before we hit the bridge and leave the mainland.

Phillip Island

Once on the island, we’ll make our way across the entire 26km length of the Island to the stunning
Summerland Bay, which sits pretty on the most westerly point of Phillip Island. Along the way, we’ll pass beautiful scenery, taking in lush forests, spectacular beaches, and a wild coastline that’s packed full of native wildlife and incredible views.

Keep your eyes peeled for creatures like koalas and wallabies, as they are a common sight around the island.

The Penguin Parade

Finally, we’ll arrive at our destination to watch the coveted Penguin Parade. There will be time to grab a bite to eat at the on-site cafĂ© (at your own expense) and look around the award-winning Visitor Centre, where you can learn more about the Little Penguins and their magnificent habitat, as well as discover the conservation projects that protect them and their surroundings.

As the sun begins to set, we’ll take our seats for the parade, as the procession of cute penguins
start making their way across the beach and begin diving into their sand dune homes. Being so close to these amazing creatures is an incredible experience, and you can spend time with them from the grandstands, as well as wander the boardwalks, where you can watch them mingling with their families and neighbours after a hard day’s work.

Afterwards, we’ll take you back through Phillip Island at night, where you can experience the views under the gaze of darkness, before we head back to the mainland. This is where your penguin adventure unfortunately comes to an end, but you’ll have plenty of memories and photos to remember this fantastic experience for many years to come.

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