Monday, 14 November 2016

Food and Fascinating Finds at the Queen Victoria Market

Known locally as Vic Market, the Queen Victoria Market is a key part of city life and a must-visit on Melbourne City tours. This major landmark spans a whopping seven hectares and is the largest open air market in the southern hemisphere. Named after Queen Victoria, it is the only remaining traditional 19th century market in Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Two traditional markets opened before the Queen Victoria, but both shut in the 1960s. Today, it joins together with the Prahran Market and South Melbourne Market to make up an important collection of surviving Victorian markets.

The market is a major tourist attraction in Melbourne, bringing visitors a fine selection of fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, and everything in between. You can find stalls piled high with seasonal produce from local farms as well as gourmet ingredients from across the globe.

It’s not just food, though. The market also boasts a huge non-food related section, where you can pick up all sorts of knickknacks, from clothing and shoes, to jewellery and homemade art.

One of the most prominent stalls in the market is the hot doughnut van, which has been in service for more than 50 years. Today, it is kind of a local tradition and is well-known for its delicious jam doughnuts.

You can explore the market every day of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays. In summer, Wednesday evenings become live entertainment night, with a night market accompanying a vibrant selection of bars, restaurants, and liver performances.

What You Can Find at the Queen Victoria Market

At the market, you’ll find everything from meat, fish, and dairy halls, where you can sample and buy artisan cheeses, delicatessen meats, and takeaway food to keep hunger at bay. There’s also plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables to scour.

Elsewhere, historic sheds boast stalls filled with Melbourne-made curiosities, including vintage clothing, handmade jewellery, crafts, homewares, and an array of souvenirs.

Sundays at the Queen Victoria Market

Sundays are perhaps the best days at the market, because it takes on a carnival atmosphere. Performers entertain the crowds, while guided tours take visitors to some of the best stalls and introduce foodies to the history, heritage, and culture of the market.

If you want to explore the colourful culture of Melbourne, a trip to the Queen Victoria Market is a must. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s well worth the visit to wander amongst the historic selection of stalls and watch the local life unfold.

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