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Melbourne’s Best Outdoor Cinemas for Summer

As summer sets in in Melbourne, locals and visitors flock to the outdoors eager to soak up the sunshine. Luckily, the city puts on a great selection of outdoor cinemas during the warmer months so you can still enjoy your favourite films while being outside.

Here are some of the best to enjoy on your Melbourne tours.

1.    Sunset Cinema
Sunset Cinema is the newest outdoor cinema in the city. It was first debuted at Gasworks Parkland before moving to its current location. It’s not a first-timer, though, and has hosted events in Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane already.

2.    Lido’s Rooftop Cinema
For a film-viewing with a difference, head to the Lido’s Rooftop Cinema, where you can watch classic films like Star Wars and James Bond as well as popular art house flicks. While you sit back with your headset on, you can take in the stunning views across Hawthorn, tuck into some local wine and craft beers, and eat vegan popcorn.

3.    Moonlight Cinema
This is perhaps the most well-known outdoor cinema in Melbourne. Set inside the stunning confines of the city’s Royal Botanic Gardens, it promises viewers a picturesque backdrop to watch all their favourite films against. Spread out your picnic rug before the film begins, and keep your eyes peeled for the mass flight of bats that takes place at twilight.

4.    Cameo Outdoor Cinema
Every summer, Belgrave’s famous Cameo Cinemas hosts an outdoor experience for film-lovers, bringing viewers a mix of epic blockbusters and cultural art house films. Set amongst the sprawling expanse of the Dandenong Ranges, it’s the perfect place to catch a flick with friends. The venue opens an hour before the film starts, giving you the chance to soak up the views uninterrupted.

5.    Coburg Drive-In
Turn back time to the 1950s and head to the Coburg Drive-In, where you can rock up in your ride and watch the showing at your leisure. If you get peckish, you can pick up your food from the on-site retro diner which takes orders vide text message, so you don’t have to move a muscle while you watch.
Melbourne’s outdoor cinemas are a stalwart part of summer living in the city, promising locals and visitors the chance to see their favourite films (and ones they haven’t seen) against incredible backdrops in the Australian sunshine.

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