Sunday, 15 January 2017

Tour of the Week: Yarra Valley Wine Tour $125

The Yarra Valley promises visitors a magical display of stunning scenery, sweeping views, and a hearty collection of wineries, all of which you can explore on our Yarra Valley Wine Tour. Throughout the day, you’ll get to tuck into gourmet delights at local eateries, discover quaint, historic towns, and sample some delicious regional wines.

We’ll start the day by taking you to the Yarra Valley Chocolatarie, where you can indulge your sweet tooth and kick start the day with a sugary rush. Watch the master chocolatiers create Belgian and French truffles, and learn about the chocolate-making process as you go. When the weather’s warm, you can also try some of the homemade ice-cream – the perfect way to cool off.

Afterwards, we’ll move on to the Gateway Estate Farmhouse, where you can browse stalls piled high with juicy berries, apples, and home-grown vegetables. As well as trying your hand at strawberry picking, you’ll have the chance to taste the delicious selection of liqueurs, ports, relishes, and preserves that the farm makes.
Next, it’s on to the Napoleone Cidar House and Brewery, a cultural hub that has been in the drinks industry for three generations. Here, you can try cider and in-house ale, both of which are made with premium estate-grown produce.

We’ll take you to the Dominique Portet Winery next, which is a winery heavily influenced by the charm and chic of France. Learn about the influences of the winery’s beverages in the barrel room before tasting some of the unique flavours of wine for yourself. To top it all off, you’ll have the chance to become a Pentanque for the day, and compete to win a delicious bottle of wine to take home with you.

For lunch, we’ll stop off at Rochford Winery, where you can enjoy a 2-course meal made up of seasonal ingredients and local produce. There will also be a wine tasting opportunity here, as well as the chance to browse the gift shop and pick up a souvenir or two.

Finally, we’ll head to the Killara Estate Winery, where we’ll end our delectable day of wine tasting by sharing afternoon platters piled high with local meats and cheeses, tasting some of the Italian-inspired wines, and soaking up the spectacular views across the Yarra Valley. We’ll then take you back to Melbourne, where you’ll have plenty of memories of your day trip to one of the best cultural destinations in the country.

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