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Fun and Games at the St Kilda Festival

On Sunday 12th February, the annual St Kilda Festival hits the streets of Melbourne. This free event celebrates community spirit, contemporary Australian music, and the beautiful surroundings of St Kilda and its Foreshore. If you find yourself on a Melbourne City tour during this time, you’re in for an absolute treat.
Why? Because this historic festival is an event that is heavily anticipated every single year by millions of people – both local and from further afield. Since it began in 1980, it has gone through many different changes and innovative updates. Today, it remains true to its core as a free community celebration, and continues to take place in one of the city’s best-loved locations.

If you’re a keen music fan, you’ll love the excellent array of Australian musical talent that the festival is so well-known for showcasing. 

The festival has been heavily shaped by its dedicated participants, performers, and its loyal audiences, as well as Melbourne residents and the local community that surrounds it.

The Events at the St Kilda Festival

Throughout the day there are numerous mini-events taking place that you can watch and get involved in. Here are some of the best:

Australian Institute of Music

Music is such an important part of the St Kilda Festival, and you can visit the Australian Institute of Music to learn more about the history of music in the country.

Beach Netball

For something a bit more action-packed, hit the beach and try your hand at some netball. Throughout the day, you can mess around in the sand and get active under the heat of the Australian summer sun.

Bollywood Performance and Workshop

The Bindaas Dance Company return to the St Kilda Festival to teach a highly-anticipated Bollywood dance and performance workshop. Try your hand at this fun dance style and soak up a different culture.

Bubble Soccer

Again, if you want something more active, try out the bubble soccer. During this fun and action-packed game, you’ll wear a bubble suit and compete to get the ball in your goal.

Christ Church St Kilda Open Day and Quilting Exhibition

Explore the past of St Kilda at the region’s most historic church, which opens to the public on the Sunday. During the day, the church will run a quilting exhibition, so you can learn more about this artistic pursuit and its role in Melbourne history.

The St Kilda Festival is a time for fun, music, and celebration – it’s well worth getting involved in if you’re in the area during this time.

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