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Sand in the City at Sydney Museum

The beach comes to the city centre on this fun summer addition to Sydney tours. Taking place at the Museum of Sydney in the heart of the city, the Sand in the City exhibition brings mountains of sands to the masses in a unique display. As well as displaying intricate and impressive sand designs from various artists, you’ll also have the chance to try your hand at making your own sand sculpture – who knows, you might find out you’re the next Picasso!

The exhibition itself has been put together to celebrate the beautiful array of beaches that Sydney has to offer. Think Bondi Beach and beyond – one of the most iconic beaches in the world. It brings together an interactive display of eye-catching models that depict both the northern and southern shorelines of the city, while a pair of giant digital sandboxes change their lush projected scenery as you sculpt your own sandy landscape.

It’s not just sand that’s there to get stuck into, though. If you’re tired of sandy sculptures, why not hit up the LEGO area? Here, you can build sandcastles, mermaids, and quirky sea monsters from LEGO, as well as a beach shack or two or something else that comes to mind as you’re working away. For inspiration, check out the giant LEGO coastline that has been intricately built by Ryan McNaught, a.k.a. the “Brickman”.

Elsewhere in the exhibit, you can cast your eyes over a unique documentary film that shows a line-up of Sydney locals talking about their affinity with the beach and the many ways in which they enjoy the shoreline in the city – if you’re looking for beach-side inspiration, this is the place to go. Think jogging, strolling, snoozing, swimming, playing games, and everything in between. Then, when it’s time to get in the water itself, you can surf, sail, and snorkel alongside the many beaches, getting to know the underwater world and exploring Sydney from a completely different perspective.

Sand in the City was inspired by the huge reception the museum’s recent LEGO exhibitions had – all of which placed a heavy emphasis on interactivity for visitors. As well as fun and frolics in the sand, you can learn facts and figures about Sydney’s beaches and discover what an important part of city life they are. Are you ready to dig your toes into the sand?

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