Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tour of the Week: 4 Day Ayers Rock and Surrounds Rock to Rock

Explore Australia’s unique and surreal Red Centre on this 4-day tour from Uluru. Take in some of the region’s most iconic landmarks and keep your eyes peeled for the quirky wildlife that calls the area home. Along the way, you can marvel at impressive ancient rock formations, discover the incredible natural wonder that is Uluru, and learn about the cultural significance of the region for the Aboriginal people who live there.

On the first day, we’ll take you straight to Uluru so you can start your tour with a bang. This magical natural wonder is one of Australia’s best-loved icons, and you’ll get to explore it up close and personal on a guided tour. You’ll learn all about its significance in Australian history and heart centuries-old stories that imbue its base and surroundings.

While here, you’ll also get to visit the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, where you can pick up a souvenir or two of your time in the area.

As the day draws to a close, you can watch the sunset over the impressive silhouette of Uluru, marveling as the red landscape turns to a dusky pink then inky black.

On the second day we’ll take you to Kata Tjuta and the mesmerizing Valley of the Winds. During a refreshing hike, you’ll pass ancient natural canyons that weave their way between the Olga’s, and get to grips with challenging climbs to experience some of the breath-taking views from the top.

As night falls, we’ll take you to Kings Creek Station, one of the only remaining working cattle stations in the Outback.

On the third day, we’ll take you to Kings Canyon, where you can take a walk around the impressive gorge that spans back thousands of years. Dive back in time and discover the Aboriginal dreamtime stories that are imbued in the surroundings and learn why this is such an important part of Australia. From the rocky formations of the gorge, you’ll descend into the lush Garden of Eden, a watering hole that acts as an oasis in the desert.

On the final day, we’ll go back past Uluru on our way home, reflecting on the spectacular scenery that defines this part of Australia. You’ll have plenty of memories and stories from your time in the region, and a new-found love for Australia’s harsh and beautiful desert scenery.

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