Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Tour of the Week: 2-Day Fraser Island

As the world’s largest sand Island, Fraser Island offers a unique array of natural beauty for you to soak up on our Fraser Island 2-day tour. Listed as a World Heritage site since 1992, it boasts an eclectic range of wildlife and stunning scenery like nowhere else in Australia. Throughout this adventure, you’ll get to explore lush rainforests, wander along paradise beaches, and get to know the island’s quirky attractions.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to really get under the skin of Fraser Island, indulging you in stories about the island’s past and teaching you all about its current natural conservation policies.

To begin with, we’ll take you on a guided walk through the ancient rainforest at Central Station and Pile Valley. While we walk, you’ll get to know more about the unique ecosystem that’s at play on the island and discover the colourful collection of wildlife that calls it home.

In the afternoon, you can cool off with a refreshing dip in Lake McKenzie or take a swim in Eli Creek. Afterwards, we’ll explore more of the island, taking you to some of the best viewing spots along the way.

As the tour unfolds, you’ll get to see Mabeno Shipwreck and learn all about the fascinating stories that imbue the site, and The Pinnacles, which are a quirky collection of unique natural rock formations. You’ll also get to explore Coloured Sands, where you can marvel at the unique colourful sands and enjoy a spot of wild dolphin feeding at Tin Can Bay (for a local donation of $5).

We’ll stay overnight at the Fraser Island Retreat in Happy Valley. Here, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to sleep amongst the beautiful surrounding natural scenery and prepare for your next full day of spectacular sightseeing on the island.

By day, we’ll get around the island in a 4-wheel drive – one of the best ways to experience everything on offer.

If you’re ready to explore the stunning beauty of Fraser Island and learn about the fascinating natural history of this part of Australia, our 2-day adventure around the island is the best place to start. You’ll see spectacular scenery, discover unique wildlife opportunities, and learn more about this incredible World Heritage Listed site. You’ll have plenty of memories to take home with you after this adventure!

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