Sunday, 30 April 2017

Tour of the Week: North Stradbroke Island

Located just outside of Brisbane in Queensland, North Stradbroke Island presents visitors with a stunning expanse of scenery with numerous iconic landmarks. On our Stradbroke Island Tour, you can explore everything this paradise haven has to offer and more.

The tour begins from Brisbane, where we’ll hop on the ferry to Stradbroke Island. Along the way, we’ll pass through picturesque Moreton Bay, where you can marvel at the stunning surrounding views and get a preview of what’s awaiting you when we get to the island.

Once there, we’ll make our way straight to the magnificent Brown Lake. This perched lake maintains its water levels thanks to the thick layer of leaves on its base, which give it the tea-brown colour it is well-known for. Here, you can relax on the sandy beaches that flank the water and bathe in the tea-tree oil-infused waters while learning about the fascinating cultural significance this natural pool of water has for the local Aboriginal people.
After that, it’s on to the North Gorge, where we’ll take you on a leisurely stroll around this natural attraction. You’ll get to experience some of the wild scenery the island is so well-known for, and get up close and personal with the exotic plant life.

Elsewhere on the island, you can spot native species, like laidback koalas kicking back in the trees, and colonies of kangaroos that graze in the woodland and in the open scenery. In the water around Stradbroke Island, you might get to catch a glimpse of the resident dolphins, sea turtles, and manta rays, as well as other colourful marine life that graces this part of Australia with its presence.

During the day, you’ll also get to explore Point Lookout, from which you have the perfect vantage point for spotting the local Humpback Whales. From there, we’ll make sure you get to see all the best spots on the island, including the top beaches, Cylinder, Frenchman’s, and Main. Elsewhere, you’ll have the chance to explore the charming little town of Dunwich and the historical fishing village of Amity.

As you go, you’ll learn more about Stradbroke Island’s fascinating past and the battle between the Aborigines and the military that took place on its shores. This fascinating island is well worth a visit if you’re looking to discover Australia’s exceptional scenery and its abundance of wildlife.

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