Thursday, 1 June 2017

Snow Season at Mount Buller

The winter months on a Melbourne city tour provide an excellent chance to experience the region in a different way. Located in the Shire of Mansfield in the picturesque Alpine area of Victoria, Mount Buller is a small town known for its endless skiing and snowboarding opportunities. When snow season starts, many locals from Melbourne flock to the mountain to enjoy some fun in the snow.
Mount Buller is predominantly a resort town that plays hosts to numerous different kind of snow sports in the winter months and is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the ski scene in Australia.

Things to Do in Snow Season at Mount Buller

Skiing and Snowboarding

Of course the most popular activities on the mountain in the winter months are skiing and snowboarding. You can pick up a ski pass from the town and spend endless hours weaving through the snow down the pretty slopes. Join hundreds of others as they do the same and enjoy the pretty surroundings of Australia in the snow.

Cross- Country Skiing

Try exploring in the snow in a different way by cross-country skiing. While trying this out, you can get to know the more hidden areas of the mountain and enjoy stunning views across the surrounding scenery.

Mount Buller History Hunt

Despite its popularity as a ski resort, Mount Buller also plays host to a fascinating history. On this tour, you can learn more about the mountain village and the people and events that made it the place it is today.

National Alpine Museum

Snuggle up in the warm at the National Alpine Museum when the snow starts coming down and browse the eclectic collection of ski memorabilia. Learn more about the history of the resort via interactive displays and delve deep into the skiing culture that imbues the mountain.

Scenic Helicopter Flights

Nothing is quite as beautiful as seeing Mount Buller from above covered in a pristine layer of snow. From a helicopter, you can peruse the beautiful landscape from the skies, picking out the snow slops and resort landmarks as you go.


For a dose of adventure, try your hand at snowgaining, which is high altitude orienteering. It acts as a unique way to explore the area and gives you the chance to discover some of the more hidden spots on Mount Buller.

Mount Buller is a great place to explore in the winter time, as it has plenty of activities to get stuck into and beautiful scenery to enjoy.

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